As the principal of Christ-St. Peter, a Milwaukee Parental Choice Program school, Mr. Brett Baade has his hands full. “Too often time does not allow the principal to help guide a new teacher through the early years of ministry. New Teacher Induction (NTI) fills that need and does it exceptionally well.”

Mr. Baade’s school is growing, and they’ve added six beginning teachers in four years. But Brett sees the $1,000 per teacher each year as a worthwhile investment rather than a cost. “The support the mentor provides is well worth the monetary requirements of the program.”

“Christ-St. Peter has been really blessed through our partnership with NTI. Each new teacher came to appreciate and rely on their mentors for support in their growth as an educator. NTI provides opportunities for the new teacher to be led in the reflection and adjustment of their practices.”

Brett plays an active role in the partnership with the new teacher and mentor. “My role is to communicate the purpose and goals of NTI to the new teacher and provide opportunities for the new teacher to work with the mentor. I meet with the mentor and teacher several times each year to track the new teacher’s growth, specifically around the goals established at the beginning of the year.”

Brett sees establishing trust as his most important task. “It is important that a culture of trust is established early between the principal and the new teacher, and the new teacher and the mentor. If this is not established, then the NTI practices will not be as effective as they could be.”

Mr. Baade’s advice to other WELS principals? “Don’t hesitate to partner with NTI. Mentors are well-trained and work hard with the new teacher so that the first year or two in ministry is not just about survival but a positive experience where growth is evident.”

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