August, 2019

Welcome to MLC! We are very thankful that many new students have chosen to include choir as one of their courses. This note provides important information about choir placement and auditions. Please read it carefully.

Students who wish to sing in any of the MLC choirs must audition to determine placement into a choir. If you register for choir or have completed the Music Form online and indicated that you plan to sing in one of the MLC choirs, you will be scheduled for an audition time during the orientation days in August.

We ask that, if possible, students who wish to sing in a choir plan to arrive not later than Thursday evening, August 22.
Auditions will be scheduled during the orientation days, Friday and Saturday, August 23-24.
Look for choir audition schedules in your orientation folder and posted in dormitories and other campus locations to find your audition time.

College Choir: A very limited number of incoming students, if any, may be added to the College Choir roster. Auditions are scheduled on Friday afternoon, room 217 in the Music Center, with call backs on Saturday. If you indicated on the Music Experience Inventory online form that you are interested in auditioning for College Choir, Prof. Smith (the conductor) will contact you by email with further information.

All other choirs:  The choral auditions will be scheduled on Friday and Saturday. These auditions will determine if a student is accepted into the choral program, with which choir they will sing, or if they are encouraged to register for a vocal class. This initial audition takes about 8 minutes.  You do not need to prepare any music.  Athletes on campus earlier in the week may be contacted for an audition time prior to Friday.

Registration: Students desiring to participate in a choir should register for the course in one of the following ways:

  1. New students who are joining Wind Symphony, which meets fourth hour, should register for Chorale, MUS2048, which meets eighth hour.
  2. New students who wish to sing in choir should register for MUS2038, Women’s Choir, or MUS2039, Männerchor. Both of these choirs meet fourth hour. (Note: This does not exclude a student from being a part of Chorale, as student will have an opportunity to express this at auditions.)
  3. New students who must schedule the Monday 4-5 section SCI1004, Biology Lab, should register for Chorale, MUS 2048, which meets eighth hour.

This is a temporary registration until auditions are completed. After the auditions, the choral conductors will place you into one of the choirs or determine that a vocal class will serve you better. If you are accepted into choir, the conductors will, if possible, attempt to honor your choir preference you included on the Music Course Placement and Inventory Form you completed online. However, placement of students into these choirs is also affected by sizes of the choirs, balance of voice parts, and other consideration. All preferences may not be able to be accommodated.