General Resources

  • Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Martin (Bethany, 1985)
  • How to Respond to the Cults (updated), Hubert F. Beck (CPH).
  • Another Gospel: Alternative Religions and the New Age Movement, Ruth Tucker (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1989).
  • How to Respond to the Cults (updated), Hubert F. Beck  (CPH).
  • Cults and Other Beliefs. Bruce Fredrickson (St. Louis: Concordia, 1990).
  • A Guide to Cults and New Religions.  Ronald Enroth, et al. (Downer�s Grove, IL: Intervarsity, 1983).


Jehovah’s Witness

  • How to Respond to Jehovah’s Witnesses (Updated), Herbert Kern (CPH)
  • How to Answer a Jehovah’s Witness, Robert Morey (Bethany House)
  • Why You Should Believe in the Trinity, Robert Bowman Jr. (Baker), 1989.
  • Jehovah�s Witnesses, Robert M. Bowman, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1994).
  • How to Witness to Jehovah�s Witnesses, William J Schnell (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1975).
  • We’re Glad You Asked About … The Jehovah Witnesses (ELS Board for Evangelism).



  • Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons, Mark Cares (WELS Evangelism Resources)
  • Saints of another God: Mormon History, Culture and Religion, John M. Ball (NPH)
  • How to Respond to the Latter Day Saints (Updated), Edgar Kaiser (CPH)
  • Mormonism 101, Bill McKeever & Eric Johnson (Baker/Revell)
  • We’re Glad You Asked About … The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (ELS Board for Evangelism).



  • How to Respond to the Lodge (Updated), James Rongstad  (CPH)
  • Facts on the Masonic Lodge, Jogn Ankerberg and John Weldon (Harvest House)
  • Masonic Rites and Wrongs, Steven Tsoukalas, 288pp. (Presbyterian & Reformed)
  • Lodges Examined by the Bible : Is It a Sin for a Christian to Have Membership in Secret Orders?, John Rice (Murfreesboro, TN: Sword of the Lord, 1971).


Christian Science

  • Christian Science, Anthony Hoekema (Erdmans), 1977)
  • How to Respond to the Science Religions, Frederick Harm (CPH), 1981
  • The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science, Willa Cather (Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1993).


Satanism and the Occult

  • How to Respond to the Occult, David W. Hoover (CPH, 1977)
  • How to Respond to Satanism (Updated), Bruce Frederickson  (CPH)
  • Satanism, Robert Passantino (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).



  • What is Scientology?: The Comprehensive Reference on the World’s Fastest Growing Religion, Staff of the Church of Scientology International (Los Angeles: Bridge, 1992).


Unification Church

  • The Puppet Master, J. Isamu Yamamoto (InterVarsity Press) 1977
  • How to Respond to the New Christian Religions, Philip H. Lochhaas (CPH, 1979)
  • Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, Frederick Sontag (Nashville: Abingdon, 1977).
  • Unification Church. J. Isamu Yamamoto (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).


New Age

  • How to Respond to New Age Religion (Revised), Philip Lochhass ((CPH).
  • In Search of Eden: Understanding New Age Thought, David Felter (Beacon Hill Press)1991.
  • The New Age Movement, Ron Rhodes (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).
  • Embraced by the Darkness: Exposing New-Age Theology from the Inside Out, Brad Scott (Wheaton: Crossway, 1996).
  • The New Age is Lying to You, Eldon Winker (St. Louis: Concordia, 1994).


Other Cults and Sects

  • Black Sects and Cults, Joseph Washington (Lanham: University Press of America, 1984).