Evangelism Day: “Your Kingdom Come”

Pastor Mark Jeske

“Evangelism Day is a day set aside so that the Spirit can fill the hearts of both faculty and students with excitement and gratitude,” says MLC President Mark Zarling.

“Excitement as we learn more about the amazing things the Lord Jesus is doing through the gospel. Gratitude as we think of almost 50 people who come to New Ulm and share with us the good news about the power of the Good News.”

The theme, “Your Kingdom Come,” echoed throughout the day in worship, workshops, and presentations, encouraging all our students.

“I liked hearing my professors talk about their ministries,” says first-year Bob Beaver (LPS / Holy Trinity-Okauchee WI). “They explained how our evangelism plans don’t always work out the way we think they will, but God always gets his work done.”

“When the presenters shared their personal evangelism stories it made me really excited to have similar experiences!” Jessica Friebe (MLS / St. Bartholomew-Kawkawlin MI) adds. “It really hit home with me that there are so many people out there who need to hear the gospel.”

“This day not only motivates us all,” President Zarling concludes, “but it keeps us grounded in our mission as a college and our connection to the Great Commission.”