New Materials

Materials #131- 11/17/2015

B 398 .D5 C67 2014
Cotton, A. K. (Anne K.), author.   Platonic dialogue and the education of the reader / A.K. Cotton.   First edition.
BD 181.7 .D66 2014
Donohoe, Janet.   Remembering places : a phenomenological study of the relationship between memory and place / Janet Donohoe.
BF 575 .A3 S77 2014
Straus, Murray A. (Murray Arnold), 1926-.   The primordial violence : spanking children, psychological development, violence, and crime / Murray A. Straus, University of New Hamshire, Emily M. Douglas, Bridgewater State University, Rose Anne Medeiros, Rice University.   First Edition.
BF 723 .S43 A37 2014
Abramovitch, Henry, 1950-.   Brothers & sisters : myth and reality / Henry Abramovitch ; foreword by David H. Rosen.   First edition.
BL 265 .M3 A53 2014
Albertson, David.   Mathematical theologies : Nicholas of Cusa and the legacy of Thierry of Chartres / David Albertson.
BS 1485.53 .D84 2015
Duguid, Iain M.   The Song of Songs : an introduction and commentary / Iain M. Duguid.
BS 1535.53 .W75 2015
Wright, Christopher J. H., 1947-.   The message of Lamentations : honest to God / Christopher J.H. Wright, International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership.
BX 1950 .P68 2015
Posner, Gerald L.   God’s bankers : a history of money and power at the Vatican / Gerald Posner.   First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
D 13.5 .F8 B68 2015
Bouchard, Constance Brittain.   Rewriting saints and ancestors : memory and forgetting in France, 500-1200 / Constance Brittain Bouchard.   Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2015.
D 764.3 .L4 M69 2013
Moynahan, Brian, 1941- author.   Leningrad : siege and symphony / Brian Moynahan.
D 764.7 .S53 C64 2013
Cohen, Laurie R.   Smolensk under the Nazis : everyday life in occupied Russia / Laurie R. Cohen.
D 767.25 .H6 H334 2014
Ham, Paul.   Hiroshima, Nagasaki : the real story of the atomic bombings and their aftermath / Paul Ham.   First U.S. edition.
DA 390 .H37 2014
Harris, Tim, 1958-.   Rebellion : Britain’s first Stuart kings, 1567-1642 / Tim Harris.   First edition.
DD 247 .E5 S7313 2014
Stangneth, Bettina, author.   Eichmann before Jerusalem : the unexamined life of a mass murderer / Bettina Stangneth ; translated from the German by Ruth Martin.
DK 602.3 .M47 2014
Merridale, Catherine, 1959-.   Red fortress : history and illusion in the Kremlin / Catherine Merridale.   First Picador edition.   New York, N.Y. : Picador, 2014.
E 184 .M5 C3675 2013
Carrigan, William D., 1970-.   Forgotten dead : mob violence against Mexicans in the United States, 1848-1928 / William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb.
E 377.2 .H44 2014
Heffron, Margery M., 1939-2011.   Louisa Catherine : the other Mrs. Adams / Margery M. Heffron ; edited by David L. Michelmore.
E 476.69 .C37 2015
Carr, Matthew, 1955-.   Sherman’s ghosts : soldiers, civilians, and the American way of war / Matthew Carr.
E 743.5 .G63 2013
Goodall, Alex (Alexis Vere).   Loyalty and liberty : American countersubversion from World War 1 to the McCarthy era / Alex Goodall.
E 836 .M35 2014
Malsberger, John W. (John William).   The general and the politician : Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and American politics / John W. Malsberger.
E 99 .D1 B93 2014
Burnham, Philip.   Song of Dewey Beard : last survivor of the Little Bighorn / Philip Burnham.
HA 33.5 .B38 2014
Bauder, Julia, author.   The reference guide to data sources / Julia Bauder.
HD 9870.5 .B43 2015
Beckert, Sven, author.   Empire of cotton : a global history / Sven Beckert.
HG 172 .B77 A3 2015
Browder, Bill, 1964- author.   Red notice : a true story of high finance, murder, and one man’s fight for justice / Bill Browder.   First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
HV 8569 .S36 2013
Samuelsson, Gunnar, 1966- author.   Crucifixion in antiquity : an inquiry into the background and significance of the New Testament terminology of crucifixion / Gunnar Samuelsson.   Second, revised edition.
JL 1281 .C35 2014
Camp, Roderic A.   Politics in Mexico : democratic consolidation or decline? / Roderic Ai Camp, Claremont-McKenna College.   Sixth edition.
KF 4541 .V547 2014
Vile, John R., author.   Re-framers : 170 eccentric, visionary, and patriotic proposals to rewrite the U.S. Constitution / John R. Vile.
LB 1025.3 .A55 2015
Antonetti, John V.   17,000 classroom visits can’t be wrong : strategies that engage students, promote active learning, and boost achievement / John V. Antonetti & James R. Garver.
LB 1139.25 .K47 2013
Kersey, Katharine C., 1935- author.   101 principles for positive guidance with young children : creating responsive teachers / Katharine C. Kersey, Old Dominion University, Marie L. Masterson, Dominican University.
LB 3013.3 .C537 2014
Cohen, Jeffrey W.   Confronting school bullying : kids, culture, and the making of a social problem / Jeffrey W. Cohen and Robert A. Brooks.
PC 4629 .E48 1990 CURR
Emberley, Rebecca.   Taking a walk : a book in two languages = Caminando : un libro en dos lenguas / Rebecca Emberley.   New York : Scholastic, ©1990.
PN 1021 .H57 2014
Hirsch, Edward, author.   A poet’s glossary / Edward Hirsch.
PN 1041 .S36 2013
Scott, William, 1556 or 1557-.   The Model of Poesy / William Scott ; edited with an introduction and commentary by Gavin Alexander.
PN 6710 .M37 2014
Masterful marks : cartoonists who changed the world / [edited by] Monte Beauchamp.   First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
PQ 7079.2 .A9 T8 1995 CURR
Avalos, Cecilia.   Tu corazón maravilloso / escrito por Cecilia Avalos ; ilustrado por Michael Ramirez.   Cooper City, FL : SpanPress, ©1995.
PR 2041 .F54 2013
Malory, Thomas, Sir, active 15th century, author.   Le morte Darthur / Thomas Malory ; edited by P.J.C. Field.
PR 2976 .S33737 2015
The Shakespeare book / consultant editor, Stanley Wells ; contributors, Anjna Chouhan [and 4 others].   First American edition.
PR 4172 .W7 2014b
Brontë, Emily, 1818-1848, author.   The annotated Wuthering Heights / Emily Bronte ; edited by Janet Gezari.
PR 6065 .R28 I518 1993 CURR
Oram, Hiawyn.   En el desván / texto de Hiawyn Oram ; ilustraciones de Satoshi Kitamura ; [traducción de Catalina Domínguez].   México : Fondo de Cultura Económica, ©1993.
PZ 73 .D39 Osi CURR
Beer, Hans de, 1957-.   El osito polar / escrito e ilustrado por Hans de Beer ; traducido por Silvia Arana.   New York : Ediciones Norte-Sur, 1995.
PZ 73 .G586 Hay CURR
Gomi, Tarō.   Hay un ratón en la casa / Taro Gomi.   Mexico : Fondo de Cultura Económica, ©1993.
PZ 73 .J36 Cui CURR
Janovitz, Marilyn.   Cuidado, pajarito! / Marilyn Janovitz ; traducido por Alis Alejandro.   New York : Ediciones Norte-Sur, 1997.
PZ 73 .L22 Big CURR
Lachtman, Ofelia Dumas.   Big enough = Bastante grande / written by Ofelia Dumas Lachtman ; illustrated by Enrique O. Sánchez ; Spanish translation by Yanitzia Canetti.   Houston, Tex. : Piñata Books, 1998.
PZ 73 .P494 Des CURR
Pfister, Marcus.   Destello el dinosaurio / Marcus Pfister ; traducido por José Moreno.   New York : Ediciones Norte-Sur, 1995.
PZ 73 .W54 Bar CURR
White, Stephen, 1952-.   Barney dice, “Por favor” y “gracias” / escrito por Stephen White ; ilustrado por Rick Grayson.   Allen, Tex. : Barney Pub., 1994.
PZ 74.3 .P24 Cin CURR
Paparone, Pamela.   Los cinco patitos : una rima tradicional / ilustrada por Pamela Paparone ; adaptada por Diego Lasconi y Guillermo Gutiérrez.   New York : Ediciones Norte-Sur : Distributed in the United States by North-South Books, 1997.
PZ 8.1 .K3 Pec CURR
Kellogg, Steven.   Pecos Bill : un cuento fantástico / relatado e ilustrado por Steven Kellogg ; traducido por Aída E. Marcuse.   1st Mulberry Spanish-language ed.   New York : Mulberry Books, 1995.
QA 166 .P76 2013
Prömel, H. J., author.   Ramsey theory for discrete structures / Hans Jürgen Prömel.
RA 393 .F54 2014
Field, Robert I., author.   Mother of invention : how the government created free-market health care / Robert I. Field.
RB 127 .W345 2014
Wailoo, Keith, author.   Pain : a political history / Keith Wailoo.
RC 455.2 .D42 G56 2014
Glover, Jonathan.   Alien landscapes? : interpreting disordered minds / Jonathan Glover.
RJ 506 .A9 C66 2014
Conn, Carmel.   Autism and the social world of childhood : a sociocultural perspective on theory and practice / Carmel Conn.
RJ 506 .A9 M87 2014
Murray-Slutsky, Carolyn, 1953-.   Autism interventions : exploring the spectrum of autism / Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, MS, OTR, C/NDT, Betty A. Paris, PzT, MEd, C/NDT.   Second edition.
RJ 506 .A9 M95 2011
Simpson, Richard L., 1945-.   Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism : a guide for effective practice / Richard L. Simpson, Brenda Smith Myles.   3rd ed.   Austin, Tex. : Pro-ed, c2011.
SB 404.5 .P68 2015
Potter, Jennifer, 1949- author.   Seven flowers and how they shaped our world / Jennifer Potter.
SD 409 .C525 2014
Chazdon, Robin Lee, 1957- author.   Second growth : the promise of tropical forest regeneration in an age of deforestation / Robin L. Chazdon.
TP 372.5 .V4513 2014
Velíšek, Jan, 1946- author.   The chemistry of food / Jan Velíšek.
Z 688 .R3 B47 2014
Berger, Sidney E., author.   Rare books and special collections / Sidney E. Berger.