Network Services is now IT Services!

Since 1995, the technology department at Martin Luther College has been known as Network Services, drawing attention to the work completed to connect the campus’s computer systems and the new methods of working that a networked computing environment enabled. Now, 28 years later, the department is undergoing a renaming and rebranding for the first time.

Starting today, July 1, 2023, Network Services is now known as Information Technology Services.

The name does not change anything about what we do or provide for the campus, nor how we provide it. The name change allows us to more accurately convey to incoming students, visitors, and our own campus family the breath of services we provide for the entire campus including every aspect of the application of technology and information/data to support the mission of Martin Luther College.

So whether it is Information Technology Services, IT Services, or ITS, we are here to continue to serve the entire campus by partnering with any and all members of the MLC family. God bless your summer and we look forward to our work together both today and in the future!