An important choice for graduate students is the selection of their capstone or comprehensive exam committee members. Student choices for committee members should be thoughtful and based upon their area of emphasis, interest, and – in the case of a capstone project – the nature of the research.

Advisors play an important role in a student’s selection of committee members. They ensure that choices complement the student’s program and will benefit the research. Once the advisor approves of the student’s committee selections, the responsibility to contact the potential committee members and secure their agreement lies with the student.

The student is responsible to do the following steps:

  1. Consult the advisor for his/her opinion on who should serve on your committee.
  2. Contact and secure the permission of the committee members.
  3. Communicate the approved and secured committee members to the director of graduate studies.

Guidelines for Making Committee Member Selections

(Capstone Project)

  1. Which of the courses you completed have a relationship to the proposal? Should those instructors be considered for service on the committee?
  2. Which faculty members have the knowledge and expertise regarding the subject of the project and thus would provide the best help and guidance as you prepare the proposal and complete the project?
  3. Does the capstone project require sophisticated statistical analysis? If so, which faculty member can provide that expertise and thus should be included on the committee?