I think the ability to let parents know I’ve taken all these classes and have this credential will show them how much we care about their preschoolers. Many parents in this area are looking for professional training and the utmost in care for their children, and I believe the MLC Educator Series has helped me achieve that.

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I take away so much from these courses, not just because of the content, but by the way these instructors present the material for real application. I’m making lessons as assignments that I’m taking straight to my classroom.

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The Early Childhood Educator Series is designed to provide current early childhood teachers with a comprehensive understanding of developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood especially as it applies to a Lutheran ministry context. The series provides a solid foundation for early childhood ministry.

Are You Interested in Adding an Early Childhood Credential to Your Résumé?

We have worked with Child Development Associate (CDA) national credentialing program to develop these courses so that teachers completing all 11 courses will be prepared to apply for the CDA credential.

The CDA credential is awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. To receive the credential:

  • Complete MLC’s 11 Early Childhood Educator Series courses*
  • Apply to the Council
  • Pay their application fee
  • Successfully complete the CDA requirements

* All courses must be taken for credit, not clock hours

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A. Anytime before you apply for the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™

  1. Earn a high school diploma
  2. Complete the MLC early childhood courses. A student must obtain a course grade of C or higher for the course to count toward requirements of the certificate program. This means that any course with a grade of C- or lower will not help fulfill the requirements needed toward completing the program. A student may elect to retake a course if a grade of C- or lower was earned.

EDU8101 Intellectual, Social, & Emotional  1 Credit
The social and emotional development of preprimary children and its impact on cognitive functioning and instructional approaches.
Offered online

EDU8102 Operation & Management of ECE   1 Credit
An overview of the operation and management of early childhood education programs.
Offered online

EDU8103 Developing Home & School Relationships   1 Credit
Emphasis on developing a family-oriented classroom, techniques of communication, methods of actively engaging families, and resources to benefit family nurturing and school interaction. A family take-home kit and plan for implementing partnerships will be developed.
Offered online or face to faceRequest a satellite course in your area

EDU8105 Encouraging Literacy Development   1 Credit
Theoretical and practical approach to promoting children’s emergent language development in early childhood settings.
Offered online

EDU8106 Play and Learning Experiences   1 Credit
A study of young children’s learning through play. Includes identifying active learning experiences, establishing and maintaining an environment for play, and identifying teacher roles in play-based learning.
Offered online

EDU8108 Preprimary Curriculum Essentials I   1 Credit
Theory, research evidence, standards, teaching practices, Christian ECE philosophy, an active early learning environment, and a consistent daily routine that underlie and support a quality ECE curriculum.
Face to faceRequest a satellite course in your area

EDU8109 Preprimary Curriculum Essentials II   1 Credit
Theory, research evidence, standards, teaching practices that underlie and support the ECE curriculum areas of mathematics, science and technology, social studies, and the visual and dramatic arts.
Face to faceRequest a satellite course in your area

EDU8112 Health and Safety in Early Childhood   1 Credit
Planning for safety, first aid, health, and nutrition in the early childhood learning environment.
Offered online

EDU8113 Assessment of Young Children   2 Credits
The knowledge and skills necessary to establish a practical approach for the observation and development assessment of young children and communication of progress to parents.
Offered online

EDU8114 Roles and Responsibilities of the Lutheran Early Childhood Educator   1 Credit
An examination of the role of the early childhood educator in a Lutheran early childhood ministry setting.
Offered online

PED8101 Physical and Motor Development for Pre-primary   1 Credit
Teachers of young children play a vital role in fostering their physical and motor development. This two-day course addresses the physical needs of children from conception through childhood. Participants will plan for a week of physical education classes using a format presented in class.
Face to faceRequest a satellite course in your area

B. Within 3 years of submitting application for Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™

Obtain 480 hours of professional work experience in a center-based setting with children ages 3-5 years old.

C. Within 6 months of submitting application for Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™

  1. Prepare your professional portfolio following the detailed instructions in your Competency Standards Handbook given to you by MLC. You can work on this as you complete each course.
  2. Find a CDA Professional Development (PD) Specialist. CLICK HERE for more information.

A. CLICK HERE to learn more about scholarships in your state to help you pay for the application fee. 

B. CLICK HERE to apply online for the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™.

C. Application fee must accompany your application.

D. Wait for your Ready to Schedule notification from the Council.

Once you received your Ready to Schedule notification

  1. Schedule your CDA Verification visit
  2. Schedule and take your CDA Exam

MLC would like to help you with the process of getting your Childhood Development Associate (CDA) Credential.
All you need to do is

When you enroll in MLC’s Early Childhood Educator Series, MLC will

  • Provide required CDA training necessary for you to complete your portfolio and pass the exam  (CLICK HERE for Tuition Rates)
  • Send you FREE of CHARGE Essentials for Working with Young Children, the textbook necessary to take the courses ( a $49 value)
  • Send you FREE of CHARGE CDA Competency Standards, the textbook necessary to complete your CDA Credential (a $25 value)
  • Work with you to schedule the necessary face-to-face courses
  • Provide you with tools to track your progress toward completing all the necessary courses
  • Provide the help needed to get you started in the application process