1. Micro-credentials are a growing trend in teachers’ professional growth, unlike anything else offered in the past.
  2. Micro-credentials are awarded by distinguished universities like Harvard, Berkeley, MIT—and now MLC.
  3. Micro-credentials provide formal recognition—called digital badges—for your informal learning.
  4. Micro-credentials signify that you have mastered specific, bite-sized, “micro” teaching skills.
  5. Micro-credentials are not about sitting through a webinar or participating in a class. They are about demonstrating a teaching skill.
  6. Micro-credentials offered by MLC are precisely the Ministerial Growth and Evaluation Program (MGEP) skills the Commission on Lutheran Schools desires teachers and principals to master.
  7. Micro-credentials are affordable—only $50 apiece.
  8. Micro-credentials allow for faculty growth and collaboration. Whole faculties can pursue the same micro-credential at the same time.
  9. Micro-credentials can be included to your Ministry Development Plan, just as you include credits and clock-hours.
  10. Micro-credentials are a great way to boost your professional growth.