Here are the presentations from this last year:


Dr. Paul Boehlke is a Martin Luther College Graduate Studies professor and dinosaur expert. He has published over a hundred articles and reviews. and other Christian colleges and universities use several of his writings on the nature of science in their classes. His essay on the nature of science published in Zygon: The Journal of Religion and Science was recently used in a doctoral study at the The University of Southern Mississippi. He has presented at conferences within the WELS and beyond, including the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Concordia University Wisconsin, Radford University, Wort & Wissen in Germany, and to the faculty of Beacon School in Grenada, West Indies, where he also served as a resource to improve their science program.

For this presentation, Dr. Boehlke discussed the history dinosaurs as well as how these prehistoric beasts fit into our Biblical worldview.

Professor Brian Dose is a pastor and professor of English at Martin Luther College. In this presentation, he talked about the importance of family devotions to edify and strengthen the faith of family members, especially younger children. He also included some ways to start devotions in your own home, suggesting resources to use for preparation as well as ideas for family interaction.

The New Testament editor of the Evangelical Heritage Version Bible translation, Pastor Brian Keller, shared his experience working on the project. He described the motivation for starting a new Bible translation, explained the process of translating and reviewing, and shared some comparisons between this translation and others. 

Many students have cameras and like taking pictures, but don’t know where to get started! In this presentation, Professor Pekrul and the rest of the MLC photography team discussed the hobby of taking photos, including what kind of camera to get, how to adjust it to different settings, and how to edit photos. They also gave advice on taking photos for different events, such as engagements, weddings, and senior pictures.

Dr. David Dies is a professor of music and composer at St. John’s University. He is a world class composer—his music has been performed on three continents, most notably in London, New York, Chicago, Lima, Peru, and Lenox, Mass. He presented on the commissioning, writing, and performance process of his oboe concerto, which premiered on April 23, 2018 in Florida.

In case you missed one of our excellent presenters, below are slides and video recordings from other recent years.


Debbie Turner. My experience as a child actress in The Sound of Music.
November 3, 2016
Ever wonder what it was like to work side by side with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the 1962 filming of The Sound of Music? Debbie was chosen to play the role of Marta in the film and shared a slideshow along with stories of her experience. She currently runs a flower shop in the Twin Cities area but is always eager to reconnect with her “cast family”. This presentation was scheduled just prior to MLC Forum’s production of the classic musical.

Dr. Mark Paustian. A PhD Journey: Kierkegaard, Indirect Communication, and the Hebrew Old Testament. December 7, 2016
Completion of a terminal degree is no easy task, but it is very rewarding. Dr. Mark Paustian shared what he learned about Indirect Communication and how it can be applied in witnessing Biblical truths.

Professor Emeritus Arnold Koelpin. Martin Luther: Reformation 500. January 5, 2017
What better way to kick off a year of education and celebration of the Reformation than to have one of our favorite former professors assist us in better understanding the world of Martin Luther. Professor Koelpin included information about the special Reformation exhibit that was currently at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and provided inspiration and encouragement to visit the Luther Lands.

Professor Dave Scharf, Pastor Nate Scharf, Staff Minister Brandon Steenbock. Being Right in Relationships. February 16, 2017
What does it mean to be Right for a relationship? In the Right relationship? Right in a relationship? When the world around us defines relationships so differently than God, how can we honor Him in our dating and our marriages?

Professor Greg Diersen. Driven Where? Discovering What? March 30, 2017
Having spent many hours commuting back and forth from New Ulm to Minneapolis in pursuit of an advanced degree from the University of Minnesota, Professor Diersen spoke about his graduate school experiences, the intersection of Creation and evolution, and the the impact of new technology and programs on our food.

Coach Cox, Coach Gawrisch, Coach Lange, Coach Pearson. Ministry Opportunities in Coaching. April 24, 2017
This “Fab Four” panel presentation focused on their greatest and worst coaching moments, valuable experiences they gained along the way, and ministry opportunities that emerged.


Jason Jaspersen. Liturgical Art. October 22, 2015
Long-time artist and art instructor at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School, Jason reflects on his own career and offers insights on the artist’s place in today’s Christian church.

Professor Brian Dose. Luther & Literature: Captive to the Text. November 10, 2015


Guy Marquardt. Deliberating a World Mission Call. December 8, 2015

Professor Keith Wessel. WELS Table Talk: Sitting Down with the ELS, LCMS, and CLC. February 16, 2016

Terry Steinbach. My Experience in Professional Baseball. April 7, 2016.
A three-time All Star and World Series champion, WELS member Terry Steinbach grew up in New Ulm and attended St Paul’s Lutheran School, New Ulm High School, and the University of Minnesota.  His professional baseball experiences, including playing in the infamous earthquake series,

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Pastor Gary Wong. From Dentistry to Ministry. April 19, 2016.

The presentations below were not organized through Aulic, but occurred on the MLC campus and may be of interest.

Dr. Carl Schalk. Luther on Music. December 3, 2016
Noted composer, author, and lecturer Carl Schalk helped prepare us for our Reformation 500 celebration. Subtitled “After 500 Years: Paradigms of Praise Revisited”, his insights into Luther’s vision for and use of music to support the gospel proclamation was a treat for our campus family.

Mahtob Mahmoody. My Name is Mahtob. September 14, 2016
Held captive by her father in Iran as a child, Mahtob’s story was made famous in her mother Betty Mahmoody’s book, Not Without My Daughter. The book was later made into a feature film movie. Now grown up and having written her own memoir of the experience, Michigan Lutheran Seminary graduate Mahtob’s heartwarming story shows faith in our God of rescue, deliverance, and grace.

Gene Schulz. The Ghost in Patton’s Third Army. April 29, 2014 
Growing up on a farm in Clintonville, WI, WELS member Gene Schulz could have never envisioned what lay ahead of him and the experiences (good and bad) that his World War 2 service in the US Army would bring. As part of Patton’s Third Army that drove across France, through Germany, and into Austria – his unit achieved a Utah beach landing in Normandy, the saving of Chartres Cathedral, the liberation of a Nazi prison camp, and meeting the Russian army on V-E Day.  A great story teller and world traveler, Gene’s stories help us understand why he and his fellow soldiers are often referred to as America’s “greatest generation”.

Professor Emeritus Theodore Hartwig. Nazi Germany, 1938. March 25, 2014
As a young student at Northwestern Prep, Ted Hartwig was given the opportunity to join other American youth for a special tour to view the wonders of Hitler’s Germany. His visit included time spent with the Hitler youth corps and a few hints that made him feel as if something wasn’t quite right with the Third Reich. The long-time D/MLC professor was in his early 90s when he gave this very interesting and impressive presentation.