• High School Administrator/Guidance Counselor: The above-named individual is applying for admission to Martin Luther College. This form requests information that we consider essential for a thorough evaluation of the applicant's request for admission.

    Important: A prompt admission decision depends on receiving this form as soon as possible.

    1. Please evaluate the applicant in each area suggested below in light of his /her intended program of study.
    2. Please send us a current copy of the applicant's high school transcript.
    3. Please fill out and submit the recommendation form below.

    Scale:   excellent = 5  |  average = 3  |  poor = 1   |  don't know = 0 :   NA = Not Applicable

  • Questions?

    Please contact the Martin Luther College Office of Admissions, 1995 Luther Court, New Ulm, MN 56073.
    Phone: 507-233-9133. FAX: 507-354-8225. E-mail: admissions@mlc-wels.edu

    Please feel free to include any additional pertinent information. Thank you for your help and cooperation.