New Materials

Materials #134 – 12/08/2015

BL 2525 .S535 2014
Sherkat, Darren E., 1965- author.   Changing faith : the dynamics and consequences of Americans’ shifting religious identities / Darren E. Sherkat.
BR 333.5 .C4 L89 2014
Luy, David J., author.   Dominus mortis : Martin Luther on the incorruptibility of God in Christ / David J. Luy.
BR 350 .B8 A25 2015
Bugenhagen, Johann, 1485-1558, author.   Johannes Bugenhagen : selected writings, volume I and volume II / [edited and translated by] Kurt K. Hendel.
BS 1485.53 .S68 2015
Song of Songs : the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation / commentary by Michael Fishbane.
BS 2650.52 .A44 2015
Aletti, Jean Noël, author.   Justification by faith in the Letters of Saint Paul : keys to interpretation / Jean-Noël Aletti ; translated from the French by Peggy Manning Meyer.
BS 491.2 .W67 1982 v.18A
Clines, David J. A.   Job 21-37, volume 18a.   [Place of publication not identified] : Zondervan, 2015.
BS 491.2 .W67 1982 v.18B
Clines, David J. A.   Job 38-42 / David J.A. Clines.
BS 491.2 .W67 1982 v.7A
Butler, Trent C., author.   Joshua 1-12 / Trent C. Butler.   Second edition.
BS 491.2 .W67 1982 v.7B
Butler, Trent C., author. aut.   Joshua 13-24 / Trent C. Butler.   Second edition.
D 521 .C48 2014 DVD
Churchill’s first world war / BBC World Wide America ; executive producer, Martin Davidson ; written, produced and directed by Adam Kemp.
D 756.5 .N6 R595 2014
Roberts, Mary Louise, author.   D-Day through French eyes : Normandy 1944 / Mary Louise Roberts.
D 767 .T64 2015
Toll, Ian W., author.   The conquering tide : war in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944 / Ian W. Toll.   First edition.
DA 566.9 .C5 J635 2014
Johnson, Boris, author.   The Churchill factor : how one man made history / Boris Johnson.
DC 733 .H68 2014
House, Jonathan M. (Jonathan Mallory), 1950-.   Controlling Paris : armed forces and counter-revolution, 1789-1848 / Jonathan M. House.
DD 801 .S32 W545 2014
Widukind, of Corvey, approximately 925-approximately 973.   Deeds of the Saxons / Widukind of Corvey ; translated with an introduction and notes by Bernard S. Bachrach and David S. Bachrach.
DG 267 .S77 2015
Strauss, Barry S., author.   The death of Caesar : the story of history’s most famous assassination / Barry Strauss.   First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
DK 508.848 .M46 2015
Menon, Rajan, 1953-.   Conflict in Ukraine : the unwinding of the post-cold war order / Rajan Menon and Eugene Rumer.
DS 119.7 .B7144 2015
Bregman, Ahron, author.   Cursed victory : Israel and the Occupied Territories : a history / Ahron Bregman.   First Pegasus books hardcover edition.
DS 149 .G738 2014
Gribetz, Jonathan Marc, 1980- author.   Defining neighbors : religion, race, and the early Zionist-Arab encounter / Jonathan Marc Gribetz.
E 156 .C54 2009 * * *
Children’s USA encyclopedia / [written by Nicola Barber, Jason Hook, Patricia Levy, Chris Oxlade and Sean Sheehan ; illustrated by Sarah Crouch, Tim Mayer, and Victoria Webb].
E 174 .K45 2003 * * *
King, David C.   Children’s encyclopedia of American history / by David C. King.   1st American ed.   New York : DK in association with the Smithsonian Institution, 2003.
E 184 .J3 N484 2015
Nimura, Janice P., author.   Daughters of the Samurai : a journey from East to West and back / Janice P. Nimura.   First edition.
E 185 .G263 2015
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., author.   And still I rise : Black America since MLK : an illustrated chronology / Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Kevin M. Burke.   First edition.
E 185.625 .H63 2014
Hobbs, Allyson Vanessa.   A chosen exile : a history of racial passing in American life / Allyson Hobbs.
E 312.17 .K57 2015
Knott, Stephen F., author.   Washington and Hamilton : the alliance that forged America / Stephen F. Knott and Tony Williams.
E 456 .C58 2014 (set) DVD
Civil War : the untold story / produced and directed by Chris Wheeler; associate producer Holly Johnson; edited by Blair Kuster; unit production manager Tyler Young; graphics by Michael Watson and John Blessing; music by Peter Kater, Bobby Horton and the Spirituals Project Choir; executive producers Sonny Hutchison and Justin Harvey.   [DVD].
E 901.1 .O23 N534 2009 * * *
Nichols, Catherine.   Barack Obama / by Catherine Nichols.   Mankato, MN : Child’s World, ©2009.
F 1607 .S35 2014
Senior, Olive, author.   Dying to better themselves : West Indians and the building of the Panama Canal / Olive Senior.
F 2646.2 .B37 2015
Barbassa, Juliana.   Dancing with the devil in the City of God : Rio de Janeiro on the brink / Juliana Barbassa.
F 444 .C6 W57 2014
Williams, Nannie Haskins, 1846-1930, author.   The diary of Nannie Haskins Williams : a southern woman’s story of rebellion and reconstruction, 1863-1890 / edited by Minoa D. Uffelman, Ellen Kanervo, Phyllis Smith, and Eleanor Williams.   First edition.
F 685 .B65 2013
Bleeding Kansas, bleeding Missouri : the long Civil War on the border / edited by Jonathan Earle and Diane Mutti Burke.
G 153.4 .D83 2011 * * *
Dubois, Michael.   Not for parents : the travel book / Michael Dubois, Katri Hilden, Jane Price.   1st ed.   Footscray, Vic. ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet Publications, 2011.
HD 9198 .I42 K64 2015
Koehler, Jeff, author.   Darjeeling : the colorful history and precarious fate of the world’s greatest tea / Jeff Koehler.   First U.S. edition.
HE 5620 .D59 R53 2015
Richtel, Matt, author.   A deadly wandering : a mystery, a landmark investigation, and the astonishing science of attention in the digital age / Matt Richtel.   First William Morrow paperback edition.
HG 1552 .F795 S74 2015
Steinmetz, Greg.   The richest man who ever lived : the life and times of Jacob Fugger / Greg Steinmetz.
HM 846 .S362 2015
Schneier, Bruce, 1963-.   Data and Goliath : the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world / Bruce Schneier.   First edition.
HQ 792 .U5 C423 2014
Children and youth during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era / edited by James Marten.
HT 1029 .W6 M48 2008
Metaxas, Eric.   Amazing Grace : William Wilberforce and the heroic campaign to end slavery / Eric Metaxas.   1st Harpercollins pbk ed.   New York, NY : HarperOne, 2008.
HV 6534 .C4 O27 2015
O’Brien, Gillian, author.   Blood runs green : the murder that transfixed gilded age Chicago / Gillian O’Brien.
HV 6555 .G7 M336 2014
Colquhoun, Kate, 1964-.   Did she kill him? : a torrid true story of adultery, arsenic, and murder in Victorian England, / Kate Colquhoun.
HX 244.7 .A83 H65 2015
Holmes, Rachel, author.   Eleanor Marx : a life / Rachel Holmes.   First U.S. edition.
LB 1180 .S78 1987 CURR
Stull, Elizabeth Crosby.   Kindergarten teacher’s month-by-month activities program / Elizabeth Crosby Stull, Carol Lewis Price.   West Nyack, NY : Center for Applied Research in Education, ©1987.
LB 1523 .H65 2001 CURR
Hong, Min.   Teaching first grade / by Min Hong.   New York : Scholastic Professional Books, 2001.
LB 1573.7 .B44 2015
Beers, G. Kylene, 1957- author.   Reading nonfiction : notice & note stances, signposts, and strategies / Kylene Beers & Robert E. Probst.
LB 1576 .B423 2013
Beers, G. Kylene, 1957-.   Notice & note : strategies for close reading / Kylene Beers & Robert E. Probst.
LB 1585 .B634 W66 2015 CURR
Boehlke, Paul R.   Wonders in God’s creation : a collection of cartoons and science activities from the Junior Northwestern / edited and updated by Paul and Jeanette Boehlke.
MT 85 .J668 2006 (set)
Jordan, James Mark.   The choral conductor’s aural tutor : training the ear to diagnose vocal problems / James Jordan.   Chicago : GIA Publications, 2006.
ND 2068 .C4849 2014
Chinese paintings from Japanese collections / edited by Stephen Little ; with contributions by Stephen Little, Christina Yu Yu.
PN 1992.8 .C46 C43 2014
Channeling wonder : fairy tales on television / edited by Pauline Greenhill and Jill Terry Rudy.
PN 56.5 .C5 S67 2014
Sorensen, Sue, author.   The collar : reading Christian ministry in fiction, television, and film / Sue Sorensen ; with a foreword by William H. Willimon.
PQ 8498.32 .A65 H4713 2015
Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936- author.   The discreet hero : a novel / Mario Vargas Llosa ; translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.   First American edition.
PR 2807 .B6 2015
Blackmore, Simon Augustine, 1848-1926.   The riddles of Hamlet and the newest answers / by Simon Augustine Blackmore.
PR 6023 .E926 2015
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963, author.   The collected poems of C. S. Lewis : a critical edition / edited by Don W. King.
PS 121 .B594 2015
Bloom, Harold.   The daemon knows : literary greatness and the American sublime / Harold Bloom.   First edition.
PS 3545 .H16 Z6452 2014 DVD
Edith Wharton : the sense of harmony / co-produced by France 3, f.r.p., P.R.P. Productions ; directed by Elizabeth Lennard ; written by Danielle Mémoire, Elizabeth Lennard ; produced by Béatrice Barbat, Frédéric Robbes & Pamela R. Peabody.
PZ 7 .D9323 Unt * * *
Durbin, William, 1951- author.   Until the last spike : the journal of Sean Sullivan, a Transcontinental Railroad worker / William Durbin.
PZ 7 .G339236 Be * * *
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969-.   Belly up / Stuart Gibbs.   1st ed.   New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, ©2010.
QC 787 .C8 H55 2015
Hiltzik, Michael A., author.   Big science : Ernest Lawrence and the invention that launched the military-industrial complex / Michael Hiltzik.
QH 362 .H38 2014
Haught, Brandon, author.   Going ape : Florida’s battles over evolution in the classroom / Brandon Haught.
QP 363.3 .D66 2015
Doidge, Norman.   The brain’s way of healing : remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity / Norman Doidge, M.D.
RA 644 .T7 M285 2015
McMillen, Christian W., 1969- author.   Discovering tuberculosis : a global history, 1900 to the present / Christian W. McMillen.
S 930 .T97 2015
Tyrrell, Ian R., author.   Crisis of the wasteful nation : empire and conservation in Theodore Roosevelt’s America / Ian Tyrrell.
TK 5105.15 .C648 2014
Connected viewing : selling, streaming, & sharing media in the digital era / Edited by Jennifer Holt and Kevin Sanson.
TX 661 .C58 2005
Colker, Laura J. (Laura Jean).   The cooking book : fostering young children’s learning and delight / Laura J. Colker.   Washington, DC : National Association for the Education of Young Children, ©2005.