New Materials

#136 – 1/12/2016

B 187 .H3 L4613 2015
Lenoir, Frédéric.   Happiness : a philosopher’s guide / Frédéric Lenoir ; translated by Andrew Brown.   First edition.
BP 161.3 .H553 2015
Hillenbrand, Carole.   Introduction to Islam : beliefs and practices in historical perspective / Carole Hillenbrand.
BR 165 .F77 2014
Freyne, Seán.   The Jesus movement and its expansion : meaning and mission / Seán Freyne.
BS 1136 .W813 2014
Würthwein, Ernst, 1909-.   The text of the Old Testament : an introduction to the Biblia Hebraica / Ernst Würthwein ; revised and expanded by Alexander Achilles Fischer ; translated by Erroll F. Rhodes.   Third edition.
BS 1192.6 .L83 2015 CD-ROM
Luchterhand, Lyle L., author.   His hand among the nations : an adult Bible study / Lyle L. Luchterhand.
BS 1295.53 .F48 2015
Firth, David G.   The message of Joshua : promise and people / David G. Firth, Lecturer in Old Testament, St John’s College, Nottingham.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.1
O’Donnell, Douglas Sean, 1972-.   Matthew : all authority in heaven and on earth / Douglas S. O’Donnell.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.10
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   Ephesians : the mystery of the body of Christ / R. Kent Hughes.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway Books, ©1990.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.11
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon : the fellowship of the gospel and the supremacy of Christ / R. Kent Hughes.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.12
Grant, James H., 1976-.   1 & 2 Thessalonians : the hope of salvation / James H. Grant Jr. ; R. Kent Hughes, general editor.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway, c2011.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.13
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   1-2 Timothy and Titus : to guard the deposit / R. Kent Hughes and Bryan Chapell ; R. Kent Hughes, series editor.   Wheaton, IL : Crossway, ©2012.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.14
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   Hebrews : an anchor for the soul / R. Kent Hughes.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.15
Hughes, R. Kent, author.   James : faith that works / R. Kent Hughes.   ESV edition.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.16
Helm, David R., 1961-.   1 and 2 Peter and Jude : sharing Christ’s sufferings / David R. Helm ; R. Kent Hughes, general editor.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway Books, c2015.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.17
Allen, David Lewis, 1957-.   1-3 John : fellowship in God’s family / David L. Allen ; R. Kent Hughes, series editor.   Wheaton, Illinois : Crossway, [2013].
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.18
Hamilton, James M., 1974-.   Revelation : the Spirit speaks to the churches / James M. Hamilton, Jr.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway, ©2012.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.2
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   Mark : Jesus, servant and savior / R.Kent Hughes.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.3
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   Luke : that you may know the truth / R. Kent Hughes.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.4
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   John : that you may believe / R. Kent Hughes.   ESV edition.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway Books, 2014.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.5
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   Acts : the church afire / R. Kent Hughes.   1st printing ESV ed.   Wheaton, IL : Crossway, 2014.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.6
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942- author.   Romans : righteousness from heaven / R. Kent Hughes.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.7
Um, Stephen T.   1 Corinthians : the word of the cross / Stephen T. Um.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.8
Hughes, R. Kent, 1942-.   2 Corinthians : power in weakness / R. Kent Hughes.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway Books, ©2006.
BS 491.2 .P73 NT v.9
Wilson, Todd A., 1976-.   Galatians : gospel-rooted living / Todd A. Wilson.   Wheaton, Ill. : Crossway, ©2013.
BT 235 .K63 2016
Koester, Robert J. (Robert John), 1949- author.   Flowers in the desert : learning to love the prophets / Robert J. Koester.
BT 306 .S44 2015
Seifert, Joel C. author.   Hard sayings of Jesus : embracing his words of life / Joel C. Seifert.
BT 306 .S443 2015 CD-ROM
Seifert, Joel C. author.   Hard sayings of Jesus : an adult Bible study / Joel C. Seifert.
BT 590 .T5 K457 2014
Keith, Chris, author.   Jesus against the scribal elite : the origins of the conflict / Chris Keith.
BV 2073 .K637 2015 CD-ROM
Koester, Robert J. (Robert John), 1949- author.   The gospel to share : scriptural foundations for mission work / by Robert J. Koester.
BV 45 .H372 2015
Hardison, John R. author.   Put baby Jesus in your wagon : a collection of warm Christmas memories / written by John R. Hardison.
BV 4647 .G8 S376 2015 CD-ROM
Schroer, Andrew C. author.   364 days of thanksgiving : an adult Bible study / Andrew C. Schroer.
BV 4832.2 .H372 2014
Hardison, John R. author.   A view from the mountains : inspirational snapshots of God’s grace in action / John R. Hardison.   Milwaukee, Wis. : Northwestern Publishing House, ©2014.
BX 8066 .K633 U94 2013
Koren, V. (Vilhelm), 1826-1910.   U.V. Koren’s works / editor: Mark DeGarmeaux ; translators: Mark DeGarmeaux, ELS Translation Committee … (and others).
D 767.25 .N3 S68 2015
Southard, Susan, author.   Nagasaki : life after nuclear war / Susan Southard.
DD 256.48 .R67 2015
Rosenfeld, Gavriel David, 1967- author.   Hi Hitler! : how the Nazi past is being normalized in contemporary culture / Gavriel D. Rosenfeld.
DP 171 .G67 2015
Goodwin, Robert, 1969-.   Spain : the centre of the world, 1519-1682 / Robert Goodwin.   First U.S. edition.
E 209 .D88 2015
DuVal, Kathleen, author.   Independence lost : lives on the edge of the American Revolution / Kathleen DuVal.   First edition.
E 457.5 .S344 2015
Schein, Michael (Lawyer), author.   John Surratt : the Lincoln assassin who got away / by Michael Schein.
E 807.1 .P39 2015
Peyser, Marc N., author.   Hissing cousins : the untold story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth / Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer.   First edition.
E 840.8 .K58 F44 2015
Ferguson, Niall, author.   Kissinger. Volume I, 1923-1968 : the idealist / Niall Ferguson.
HQ 27 .B47 2014
Best, Joel.   Kids gone wild : from rainbow parties to sexting, understanding the hype over teen sex / Joel Best and Kathleen A. Bogle.
HQ 784 .I58 L364 2014
Lange, Patricia G.   Kids on youtube : technical identities and digital literacies / Patricia G. Lange.
HT 1521 .S83 2014
Sussman, Robert W., 1941-.   The myth of race : the troubling persistence of an unscientific idea / Robert Wald Sussman.
HV 6433 .I722 I8563 2014
Napoleoni, Loretta.   The Islamist phoenix : The Islamic State and the redrawing of the Middle East / Loretta Napoleoni.
JC 599 .U5 F73 2014
Francis, Megan Ming, 1981-.   Civil rights and the making of the modern American state / Megan Ming Francis, Pepperdine University.
LC 4801.8 .A33 2016 DVD
Addressing challenging behaviors : promoting social and emotional health in young children.
N 8795.3 .U6 K87 2015
Kurkjian, Stephen A.   Master thieves : the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world’s greatest art heist / Stephen Kurkjian.   First edition.
PN 1997 .S63373 S36 2015
Santopietro, Tom.   The Sound of music story : how a beguiling young novice, a handsome Austrian captain, and ten singing Von Trapp children inspired the most beloved film of all time / Tom Santopietro.   First edition.
PN 212 .L44 2015
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-.   Steering the craft : a twenty-first century guide to sailing the sea of story / Ursula K. Le Guin.   First Mariner Books edition.
PQ 2349 .A4 E5 2015
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893, author.   The necklace and other stories : Maupassant for modern times / Guy de Maupassant ; translated by Sandra Smith.   First edition.
PS 3545 .E6 Z48 2015
Meanwhile there are letters : the correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald / edited and with an introduction by Suzanne Marrs & Tom Nolan.   First edition.
Q 125 .B3285 2015
Bauer, S. Wise.   The story of science : from the writings of Aristotle to the big bang theory / Susan Wise Bauer.   First edition.
QC 945 .R65 2015
Roker, Al, 1954-.   The storm of the century : tragedy, heroism, survival, and the epic true story of America’s deadliest natural disaster : the great Gulf hurricane of 1900 / Al Roker.   First edition.
QE 721.2 .E97 K65 2014
Kolbert, Elizabeth, author.   The sixth extinction : an unnatural history / Elizabeth Kolbert.   First edition.
RA 784 .N94 2015
Nutrition : science, issues, and applications / Barbara A. Brehm, editor.
T 26 .G7 H26 2014
Halls, Julie, author.   Inventions that didn’t change the world / Julie Halls.
TA 1675 .L37 2015
Bretenaker, Fabien, 1966- author.   Laser : 50 years of discoveries / Fabien Bretenaker, Nicolas Treps.
TH 9505 .N5 O85 2015
Otis, Ginger Adams, author.   Firefight : the century-long battle to integrate New York’s bravest / Ginger Adams Otis.   First edition.
TN 994 .A35 C54 2014
Cleveland, Todd, author.   Stones of contention : a history of Africa’s diamonds / Todd Cleveland.
UG 1242 .D7 C63 2015
Cockburn, Andrew, 1947- author.   Kill chain : the rise of the high-tech assassins / Andrew Cockburn. First edition.