March 5, 2022 Power Outage, Maintenance, and Nuvera Transition

As already announced, on Saturday morning, March 5, 2022, power will be shut off in the WCC (classroom building) in order to facilitate changes needed to support the chiller project work. This power outage will take place between 8 and 10 am on March 5. To support this work, Network Services will need to shut down all of our equipment in our server room which will, effectively, render the entire campus network inoperable.

This outage will mean network connectivity, phones, and internet access on campus will not work. Also, no campus-hosted services (e.g. Moodle, Portal, Filr, Vibe, etc.) will be available either on, or off, campus. Everything will be down for the duration of the work and some time after power is restored as we take advantage of this opportunity to take care of some maintenance needs.

Right now the plan is to take care of the following:

  • Update the firmware on our core switches both in Network Services and in the Chapel of the Christ
  • Upgrade the virtualization host servers to the latest release of the host system (if time permits)
  • Clean up the power situation in our server room
  • Cut over from XFINITY/Comcast to Nuvera for the campus internet connection

Yes, you did not misread that final bullet point, right now the plan is to complete our transition from XFINITY/Comcast to Nuvera on the morning of March 5. This means that all campus-hosted services and internet connectivity will be making the switch that day. This will mean that if you are accessing Moodle, Portal, and other hosted services, it may take longer than just the morning for your DNS to resolve to the proper IP address.

If you have any questions about the work or transitions coming up, please reach out to Network Services. Thanks, and God bless your work!