Pictured: Pastor Belter with Josh Frailing from Riverview. Josh is a 2019 graduate and is currently studying at the seminary.

Riverview Lutheran of Appleton is in the middle of celebrating a joint anniversary:  50 years of our Lutheran Elementary school and 75 years as a congregation.  The anniversaries fell in 2019 and 2020.  We chose as our two year theme, We will Tell the Next Generation, based on Psalm  78:4.  While we did not select  an anniversary project for the school celebration, we did for the church’s anniversary.  We have set a goal of $75,000.00 .  After costs of the anniversary celebration are covered, we plan to  use  50 percent  of the goal for Building Debt retirement, and the other 50 percent for the MLC  Equipping Christian  Witnesses project.  It just seemed natural to choose MLC’s project for this celebration.  In recent years, we have had an increasing  number of  Riverview students enrolling and graduating from MLC. The enhancements to the campus and student financial aid seemed a fitting way to celebrate and support our Lord’s mission.  During this school year, we have hosted choirs from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and MLC.  The MLC concert resulted in an overflow crowd in our sanctuary and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

To give our people opportunity to support the MLC project, we have had the “casebook” in our hymnal racks for this school year.  We also have printed our own  anniversary offering envelopes that are distributed  regularly to our members. Lay leaders and our  pastor have encouraged us to support this project to express our thanks for 75 years of blessing.  In participating in the Equipping Christian Witness project, we know we are  helping fulfill our anniversary theme,  “We will tell the next Generation.”   May the Lord bless all  His people with generous  hearts to support the MLC mission and all the gospel outreach we are privileged to do together.  To Him be the Glory.

By Pastor Dennis Belter

Riverviwe Lutheran Church, Appleton Wisconsin