The WELS Chaplain Certificate Program is presently offering four basic courses and four electives. The electives are offered for those who want to specialize in a particular area of chaplaincy.

Prerequisite for People Without a Theology Minor from MLC

THE9534 Grounded in Scripture   3 credits
An introduction to theology that focuses upon the scriptural teachings of special importance to chaplaincy ministry.

Required Core Courses

THE9520 Communicating Forgiveness, 3 credits
A study of the scriptural meaning of forgiveness and the many ways this truth can be communicated vividly and meaningfully by God’s messengers.

THE9521 A Scriptural Approach to Addiction Counseling, 3 credits
A study of addictions, especially substance abuse and pornography, and the ways Christians try to help through Law/Gospel counseling and referral.

THE9522 Chaplaincy Issues and Fieldwork, 3 credits
A practicum in chaplaincy requiring a field site and discussion of chaplaincy issues and experiences.

THE9532 Chaplaincy Seminar, 1 credit
A weeklong, face-to-face seminar following the fieldwork course including group interaction and portfolio presentations to the Chaplain Certification Program Committee.

Elective Courses — Choose one

THE9523 Ministry to the Incarcerated and Their Families, 3 credits
A study of service to the incarcerated and their families and the ways in which jail ministries can be established.

THE9524 Frontline Chaplaincy, 3 credits
This elective is specially designed for those who would serve as chaplains to people on the frontline of the defense of our society, namely the military, the police and firefighters, and their families.

THE9525 Geriatric and Care Facility Ministry, 3 credits
A team-oriented approach to ministry for people who are aging or residents in care facilities.  Provides both knowledge and skills for congregation members to provide spiritual care for homebound and institutionalized.

THE9531 Trauma Basics – What Is Trauma?, 3 credits
An introduction to the basic effects of trauma on body, mind, and soul.

THE9533 Grief, Loss, and Trauma – Help for the Hurting, 3 credits
Explore grief, loss, and trauma from a biblical as well as mental health perspective. Develop understanding of what happens when someone experiences a traumatic loss and learn how to minister to such a person, both initially and in the long term.

THE9601 The Spiritual Side of PTSD, 3 credits
Helps spiritual advisors recognize the signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and provide appropriate spiritual care.

While ecclesiastical endorsement requires specific theological training, other religious training may be provided through studies and certification based on the type/level of chaplaincy that is desired or required by the calling body/hiring agency.

Note that other courses or experience might qualify for experiential learning credits for these courses. These courses are open to all – pastors, teachers, staff ministers, lay men, and lay women. One does not have to be accepted into the WELS Chaplain Certificate Program to take the courses. The courses may also be a part of the individual’s personal continuing education program.

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