New Student Registration - 2017-18 Sem 2

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  • Course viability deadline is three weeks prior to each course start date. The course viability deadline for satellite courses scheduled at long distance locations is five weeks prior to each start date.
  • Courses that have insufficient enrollment on the date of the course viability deadline may be cancelled.
  • Courses that have sufficient enrollment on the date of the course viability deadline will accept registrations up to the first day of class.

Program Information

Completion of a free online orientation session "Introduction to Online Learning" is required of all new MLC online students and available to any other online students who feel they would benefit. The orientation can be completed in one sitting or spread across several days.

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December 22 is the Deadline to Register for Spring Courses That Begin January 3

2017-18 Semester 2 - American Sign Language

2017-18 Semester 2 - Educational Technology

2017-18 Semester 2 - Graduate Studies

2017-18 Semester 2 - Early Childhood

2017-18 Semester 2 - Classroom Strategies

2017-18 Semester 2 - Apologetics

2017-18 Semester 2 - Special Education

2017-18 Semester 2 - Teacher and Staff Minister Certification

2017-18 Semester 2 - Evangelism and Chaplain Certificates

2017-18 Semester 2 - Webinars

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