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BIB Z 1037 .A1 C5443 2019
Children’s core collection / edited by Julie Corsaro, MLIS, and Kendal Spires, MLIS.   24th edition.
BIB Z 1037 .A1 Y68 2019
Young adult fiction core collection / edited by Kendal Spires and Julie Corsaro.   Third edition.
BJ 1545 .C2177 2018 * * *
Carr, Dan, 1941- author.   God, I need to talk to You : stories about God’s love and forgiveness / Dan Carr and Susan K. Leigh ; pictures by Bartholomew and Bill Clark.
BS 2825.52 .N495 2019
Neyrey, Jerome H., 1940- author.   Hearing Revelation 1-3 : listening with Greek rhetoric and culture / by Jerome H. Neyrey, SJ.
BT 821.3 .W545 2018
Williamson, Paul R., author.   Death and the afterlife : biblical perspectives on ultimate questions / Paul R. Williamson.
D 1051 .K47 2018
Kershaw, Ian, author.   The global age : Europe, 1950-2017 / Ian Kershaw.
D 570.9 .D68 2017
Doughboys on the Western Front : memories of American soldiers in the Great War / Aaron Barlow, editor.
D 770 .P38 2020
Parkin, Simon, author.   A game of birds and wolves : the ingenious young women whose secret board game helped win World War II / Simon Parkin.   First US edition.
D 809 .G3 M47 2017
Merten, Ulrich, 1930- author.   Forgotten Voices : the Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern Europe After World War II / Ulrich Merten.
DK 221 .M315 2010
Maĭorova, O. E.   From the shadow of empire : defining the Russian nation through cultural mythology, 1855-1870 / Olga Maiorova.   Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press, ©2010.
DR 1282 .C3513 2019
Calic, Marie-Janine, author.   A history of Yugoslavia / Marie-Janine Calic ; translated by Dona Geyer.
DR 37 .C3513 2019
Calic, Marie-Janine, author.   The great cauldron : a history of southeastern Europe / Marie-Janine Calic ; translated by Elizabeth Janik.
DS 135 .R7 A719813 2011
Ancel, Jean.   The history of the Holocaust in Romania / Jean Ancel ; translated by Yaffah Murciano ; edited by Leon Volovici with the assistance of Miriam Caloianu.   Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press ; Jerusalem : Yad Vashem, ©2011.
DS 763.63 .C58 C43 2013
Chang, Jung, 1952-.   Empress Dowager Cixi : the concubine who launched modern China / Jung Chang.   First American edition.
E 176.2 .B77 2016
Brower, Kate Andersen, author.   First women : the grace and power of America’s modern First Ladies / Kate Andersen Brower.   First edition.
E 453 .E746 2017
Escott, Paul D., 1947- author.   Paying freedom’s price : a history of African Americans in the Civil War / Paul D. Escott.
E 470.5 .D3547 2019
Daniel, Larry J., 1947- author.   Conquered : why the Army of the Tennessee failed / Larry J. Daniel.
E 98 .Y68 D67 2019
Dorgan, Byron L., author.   The girl in the photograph : the true story of a Native American child, lost and found in America / Byron L. Dorgan.   First edition.
F 1976.4 .M68 2019
Morales, Ed, 1956- author.   Fantasy island : colonialism, exploitation, and the betrayal of Puerto Rico / Ed Morales.   First edition.
F 3031.5 .M4676 2019
Mercau, Ezequiel, author.   The Falklands War : an imperial history / Ezequiel Mercau, University College Dublin.
F 591 .B814 2019
Brands, H. W., author. aut.   Dreams of El Dorado : a history of the American West / H. W. Brands.   First edition.
F 592.7 .M686 2019
Morris, Larry E., 1951- author.   In the wake of Lewis and Clark : the expedition and the making of antebellum America / Larry E. Morris.
G 860 .F73 2013
Francis, Gavin.   Empire Antarctica : ice, silence, & emperor penguins / Gavin Francis.
HB 2068.2 .A3 S535 2014
Siegelbaum, Lewis H., author.   Broad is my native land : repertoires and regimes of migration in Russia’s twentieth century / Lewis H. Siegelbaum and Leslie Page Moch.
HD 9696.2 .A2 C36 2015
Campbell-Kelly, Martin.   From mainframes to smartphones : a history of the international computer industry / Martin Campbell-Kelly and Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz.
HE 2751 .K37 2019
Karuka, Manu, 1977- author.   Empire’s tracks : indigenous nations, Chinese workers, and the transcontinental railroad / Manu Karuka.
HF 5389 .P27 2013
Pachter, Barbara, author.   The essentials of business etiquette : how to greet, eat, and tweet your way to success / Barbara Pachter with Denise Cowie.
HG 179 .D6995 2019
Doyle, Kenneth O., author.   Financial literacy for Generation Z : a practical guide to managing your financial life / Kenneth O. Doyle., PhD.
HG 179 .T3786 2018
Taylor, Michael C., author.   The financial rules for new college graduates : invest before paying off debt and other tips your professors didn’t teach you / Michael C. Taylor.
HG 289 .H326 2013
Hart, Matthew, 1945-.   Gold : the race for the worlds most seductive metal / Matthew Hart.   First Simon & Schuster trade paperback edition.
HX 313.8 .F54 H37 2014
Hartnett, Lynne Ann, author.   The defiant life of Vera Figner : surviving the Russian revolution / Lynne Ann Hartnett.
KF 4541 .K53 2016
Klarman, Michael J., author.   The framers’ coup : the making of the United States Constitution / Michael J. Klarman.
LB 1025.3 .H344 2017
Hall, Peter A., 1971- author.   Creating a culture of reflective practice : capacity-building for schoolwide success / Pete Hall, Alisa Simeral.
LB 1025.3 .J86 2018
Jung, Lee Ann, author.   From goals to growth : intervention & support in every classroom / Lee Ann Jung.
LB 1029 .P67 R43 2017
Renwick, Matt, author.   Digital portfolios in the classroom : showcasing and assessing student work / Matt Renwick.
LB 1051 .M37 2019
Martin, Jennifer L. (Professor of education), author.   Educational psychology : history, practice, research, and the future / Jennifer L. Martin and Sarah E. Torok-Gerard.
LB 1631 .M38547 2018
Marchetti, Allison, author.   Beyond literary analysis : teaching students to write with passion and authority about any text / Allison Marchetti, Rebekah O’Dell.
LB 2395.7 .N49 2019
New media and digital pedagogy : enhancing the twenty-first-century classroom / edited by Michael G. Strawser.
LB 2805 .J645 2017
Johnson, Jessica (Public school principal), author.   The coach approach to school leadership : leading teachers to higher levels of effectiveness / Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, Kathy Perret.
LB 2840 .M45 2019
Mielke, Chase, author.   The burnout cure : learning to love teaching again / Chase Mielke.
LB 3051 .C6384 2018
Cornue, Jonathan, author.   Changing the grade : a step-by-step guide to grading for student growth / Jonathan Cornue.
LC 2731 .J32 2019
Jackson, Robert (Educator), author.   Becoming the educator they need : strategies, mindsets, and beliefs for supporting male black and Latino students / Robert Jackson.
LC 3981 .Y68 2018
Young, Nicholas D., 1967- author.   From cradle to classroom : a guide to special education for young children / Nicholas D. Young, Elizabeth Jean, and Anne E. Mead.
LC 4818.38 .S53 2019
Shea, Lynne C., author.   From disability to diversity : college success for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder / Lynne C. Shea, Linda Hecker, and Adam R. Lalor.
ML 3880 .S515 2019
Sheinbaum, John J., author.   Good music : what it is and who gets to decide / John J. Sheinbaum.
ML 410 .B13 R29 2016
Rathey, Markus, author.   Bach’s major vocal works : music, drama, liturgy / Markus Rathey.
P 115 .K64 2019
Kohn, Marek, author.   Four words for friend : why using more than one language matters now more than ever / Marek Kohn.
PE 1128 .A2 H587 2019
Honigsfeld, Andrea, 1965- author.   Growing language & literacy : strategies for English learners : grades K-8 / Andrea Honigsfeld.
PE 1128 .A2 Z23 2012
Zacarian, Debbie.   The essential guide for educating beginning English learners / Debbie Zacarian, Judie Haynes.   Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, ©2012.
PE 1404 .C468 2019
Chandler-Olcott, Kelly, 1970- author.   A good fit for all kids : collaborating to teach writing in diverse, inclusive settings / Kelly Chandler-Olcott.
PE 1611 .M295 2019
Martin, Peter, 1940- author.   The dictionary wars : the American fight over the English language / Peter Martin.
PJ 3771 .G6 S295 2019
Schmidt, Michael, 1947- author.   Gilgamesh : the life of a poem / Michael Schmidt.
PL 858 .E14 S8513 2015
Ōe, Kenzaburō, 1935- author.   Death by water / Kenzaburo Oe ; translated from the Japanese by Deborah Boliver Boehm.   First edition.
PS 3558 .A67 A6 2019
Harrison, Jim, 1937-2016, author.   Jim Harrison : the essential poems / edited by Joseph Bednarik.
PS 3575 .O798 B66 2015
Young, Kevin, 1970- author.   Book of Hours / Kevin Young.   First paperback edition.
PS 3606 .E3878 A6 2019
Felix, Camonghne, author.   Build yourself a boat / Camonghne Felix.
PS 3614 .O768 C59 2011
Norris, Bruce. author.   Clybourne Park / by Bruce Norris.   1st American ed.
PS 551 .G75 2012
Grit lit : a rough South reader / edited by Brian Carpenter and Tom Franklin.   Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, ©2012.
PS 617 .V37 2019 OVERSIZE
Van Sise, B. A., photographer.   Children of grass : a portrait of American poetry / B.A. Van Sise ; foreword by Mary-Louise Parker.   First hardcover edition.
PS 648 .S5 F76 2019
From sea to stormy sea : 17 stories inspired by great American paintings / edited by Lawrence Block.   First Pegasus books cloth edition.
PT 2603 .R397 A2 2019
Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956, author.   The collected poems of Bertolt Brecht / translated and edited by Tom Kuhn and David Constantine with the assistance of Charlotte Ryland.   First edition.
PZ 7 .T21723 Al * * *
Taylor, Mildred D., author.   All the days past, all the days to come / by Mildred D. Taylor.
PZ 7 .W3298 Can * * *
Watson, Tom, 1965- author.   The candy caper / by Tom Watson ; illustrated by Marta Kissi.   First edition.
QA 166.8 .S55 2019
Shier, John (Writer on geometry), author.   Fractalize that! : a visual essay on statistical geometry / John Shier.
QA 273.2 .T54 2019
Tijms, H. C., author.   Basic probability : what every math student should know / Henk Tijms.
QA 76.87 .G49 2019
Gerrish, Sean, author.   How smart machines think / Sean Gerrish ; foreword by Kevin Scott, CTO, Microsoft.
QA 8.7 .R87 2017
Russell, Susan Jo, author.   But why does it work? : mathematical argument in the elementary classroom / Susan Jo Russell [and four others].
QA 9 .H41155 2017
Helping students make sense of the world using next generation science and engineering practices / Christina V. Schwarz, Cynthia Passmore, and Brian J. Reiser.
QC 173.52 .S73 2019
Stanley, Matthew, 1975- author.   Einstein’s war : how relativity triumphed amid the vicious nationalism of World War I / Matthew Stanley.
QH 398 .E43 2015
Eldredge, Niles, author.   Eternal ephemera : adaptation and the Origin of species from the nineteenth century through punctuated equilibria and beyond / Niles Eldredge.
QK 917 .T677 2019
Torre, Dan, author.   Carnivorous plants / Dan Torre.
QL 458.41 .A1 B73 2019
Bradley, Richard Alan. author.   Common spiders of North America / Richard A. Bradley ; illustrations by Steve Buchanan ; sponsored by the American Arachnological Society.
QL 737 .R632 R86 2015 OVERSIZE
Runtz, Michael W. P., author.   Dam builders : the natural history of beavers and their ponds / Michael Runtz.
RC 564 .B3584 2015
Barnes, Henrietta N., author.   Hijacked brains : the experience and science of chronic addiction / Henrietta Robin Barnes, MD.
VG 53 .W66 2012
Workman, Robert B.   Float planes & flying boats : the U.S. Coast Guard and early naval aviation / Capt. Robert B. Workman Jr.   Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, ©2012.