A New Perspective

People sometimes use the expression “thinking outside the box” to describe the importance of taking on a new or fresh perspective. When teachers seek graduate studies, they are looking for an outside perspective. MLC Graduate Studies makes it a priority to provide its graduate students with perspectives that represent the best and latest ideas in education.

We start with quality instructors who have advanced degrees and practical life experience. God has blessed MLC’s master’s program with 24 men and women who are experts in their fields. All are active WELS members. Fifteen of these are adjuncts who serve in other institutions of higher learning, in public school systems, in private practice, or in actual ministry settings. Nine instructors are fulltime MLC professors who have either received or are working toward the highest degree in their field from respected institutions. These gifted instructors bring a world of knowledge to their students.

Our instructors utilize best practice, the latest research, national standards, and their understanding of WELS schools in creating their courses. Thus, they provide teachers with the most current and respected research and practices in education. They stay abreast of educational trends and practices so they can provide our graduate students with the new perspectives they need to solve today’s educational problems. We thank the Lord for providing instructors who can give our students an “outside perspective.”