Being a Leader

One word describes Martin Luther College master’s degree students – leaders. They embody the kind of servant-leadership that Jesus modeled and encouraged (see Matthew 20: 25-28). MLC graduate students serve as leaders by modeling professionalism, by serving their students through continual growth, and by inspiring others to do the same. As I talk with MLC graduate students, they describe how they model, serve, and inspire.

Jeff Loberger MS talks about the professionalism he seeks to model. “The leadership program at Martin Luther College helped me to better serve the teachers on my staff as principal and as a leader. In addition, it offered many more opportunities to model that leadership for my students, the families in the school, and also the congregation members.”

Carrie Meyer MS shares how professional growth is one way she serves her students. “Over the years I found out that not all kids learn the same. I wanted to build my skills and find ways to reach students – different ways – so that I can meet their needs. That is why I thought I needed to go to MLC and learn more, so that I could help each child that I was teaching.”

Kip Wilson MS inspires other teachers to reach for a graduate degree. “I have recommended to numerous teachers to take this master’s program, whether it is leadership, or special education, or instruction. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for every person that is going to be teaching a Christ-centered curriculum in their schools, because they get to work with other teachers that are doing the same thing.”

Thank you, MLC graduate students, for being leaders in the profession!