Biblical Language Courses


  • Beginning Greek I & II and Intermediate Greek I & II. (Students take either classical or koine Greek. The academic dean assigns entering students to classical or koine Greek on the basis of their high school record and their ACT predictive data.)
  • Hellenistic Texts and Greek Classics in Translation. (These courses are part of the koine track.)
  • Electives: Greek Comedy, Herodotus, Lysias and Greek Oratory, Homer’s Iliad, Plato (These electives are part of the classical track.)
  • The following courses from the Theology Division are also taught on the basis of the Greek text: John’s Gospel, Acts, and 1 Corinthians.


  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew I & II and Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I & II
  • Elective: Prophetic and Poetic Texts

Non-Biblical Language Courses


  • Elementary German I & II and Intermediate German I & II
  • Luther German and Survey of Theological German
  • Electives: European German Lutheran Writings and American German Lutheran Writings
  • German Immersion (3 weeks) through the DIALOG-Institut Dr. Killian in Kassel, Germany


  • Elementary Latin I & II and Intermediate Latin I & II (Vergil’s Aeneid)
  • Classical Latin Literature
  • Ecclesiastical Latin
  • Electives: Roman Historians and Post-Reformation Latin Lutheran Writings

Mandarin Chinese

  • Elementary Chinese I & II and Intermediate Chinese I & II


  • Elementary Spanish I & II and Intermediate Spanish I, II & III
  • Communicating Christ
  • Latin-American Culture and Civilization, Spanish & Latin American Literature, and Advanced Spanish Conversation
  • Selected Topics in Spanish I & II
  • Spanish Immersion I & II (5 weeks) through various institutions in South America

Placement in a non-biblical language course begins with a placement exam. All language courses are open to all students who meet the prerequisites and can fit them into their program.