Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Yes, non-traditional/commuter students can eat in the cafeteria for a reasonable cost. There are several options a non-traditional student can choose from including meal plans, lunch or dinner punch cards, or student flex accounts. For additional information please click here to be connected to the cafeteria page.

Yes, MLC and the New Ulm Public Library are in partnership with each other and your student identification and/or your New Ulm Public Library card will work at either library. You can visit the New Ulm Public Library here for additional information.

Chapel and worship information can be found here.

Parking is allowed for students, but a permit is required. Students MUST park in their designated parking areas only. Please click here to visit the MLC parking web page for additional information. For additional questions please contact the Student Life section at (507) 217-9764.

No, Each WELS school is independently controlled. Most WELS schools are on a traditional 9-month school calendar but operating days may vary. Please visit each schools website for individual calendars.

The three local New Ulm WELS schools are the MLC Child Learning Center, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, and Minnesota Valley Lutheran High-school. Each school’s tuition costs vary but are reasonably priced due to tuition costs being subsidized by local area WELS congregations. Please click here to be brought to the New Ulm Schools web page for additional information and links to each school’s website.

Employment varies but we have listed several employers that have historically had employment opportunities for MLC students and their family members. Please click here to visit the employment opportunities webpage.

There are numerous retailers and shopping markets in and around New Ulm, MN. We have provided contact information for some of the more well-known stores within and around New Ulm, MN. Please click here to be brought to the web page for additional information.

In addition to the available nurse at MLC, there are numerous healthcare providers in and near New Ulm, MN. We have listed a few healthcare providers for your convenience on our webpage. Please click here for their contact information.

*The information provided is not inclusive, nor does it guarantee healthcare coverage. Healthcare coverage is based on each provider’s accepted insurance and fees. Please check with your healthcare insurance company to determine coverage and eligibility.

Please click here for a list of some local restaurants in New Ulm, MN.

Besides MLC’s fitness center which is available to all students and members of local WELS congregations at no cost, there are several fitness centers available in New Ulm including the New Ulm Recreational Center, Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, and New Ulm Crossfit to name a few.

The New Ulm Recreation Center is available for use to MLC students free of charge with their student identification. All other fitness centers vary in cost. Please click here to be brought to the fitness centers webpage for contact information.

There are several financial institutions located in New Ulm, MN but New Ulm does NOT have branch locations for common national banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, or US Bank. If you primarily bank with these financial institutions, you may want to open an account with a local bank for convenience. Please click here to visit the webpage listing some of the financial institutions located in New Ulm, MN.

Minnesota weather varies greatly. The winters commonly fall below 0 degrees and can have heavy snowfall. The summers can be hot and humid with temperatures hitting the low to mid 90’s with high humidity. Storms can be severe to include hail, high winds, heavy rain, and tornado warnings. Please prepare for varying weather conditions from the extreme cold to extreme heat.