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Michigan Couple Worships with Grandchildren

We’re happy to share this story of WELS members Martin and Kathleen Wildauer (pictured), who worshiped with their grandchildren at MLC from their home in Michigan. Their son, Pastor Martin Wildauer (St. Matthew-Port Washington WI), writes:

“My parents became big fans of the MLC chapel services. Mom became homebound about 2 ½ years ago. Admittedly, they first tuned in hoping to catch a glimpse of their grandchildren—Elise Lau and John Wildauer. But the message they heard grabbed their hearts and they began tuning in regularly. After a while, they scheduled their day by the chapel service times. Dad hooked up his computer so that the streaming would play through their large TV. They would sit on the couch and sing along with the hymns. They even bought a CW: Supplement so they could sing along with those hymns as well. They would even tune in for the Monday night Compline even though the time difference meant that they were staying up very late. Her pastor faithfully served her, visiting and bringing her the Sacrament regularly. Nevertheless, the MLC chapel streams became her ‘church’ and kept her faith strong until the end.”

Kathleen Wildauer died June 27, 2013. Her husband gave a generous gift to MLC Audio Visual Department in her memory.

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Mi Couple Worhips With Grandchildren