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Students Thank Dr. Wendler

As this year comes to an end, so does the career of beloved MLC professor and VP of academics, Dr. David Wendler. “Dr. Wendler’s passion for the ministry is absolutely contagious,” says Ali Wine. “He is such an awesome teacher, and I feel so much more prepared to enter the ministry after having his class. I am truly blessed to have been a part of his last class.”

To celebrate his inspiring career and upcoming retirement, his Teaching Reading class threw a surprise party. They decorated the room and brought gifts and treats. A few students performed an original song about all he taught them. Then students listened attentively as he read “The Retired Kid.” (pictured)

“Dr. Wendler always told us to teach ourselves out of a job,” says Jackie Keller. “We’ll be the ones preparing the next generation of teachers, who will replace us. I guess he’s finally taught himself out. I’m so thankful to have learned from Dr. Wendler and am very grateful for all my professors at MLC. Each and every day, they display so much Christian love and care for each of us and our future teaching ministries. It’s extremely encouraging.”