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Eighth Annual Thalassa Prize

Martin Luther College has now begun accepting submissions for the eighth annual Thalassa Prize. This $1000 award from an anonymous donor is given to the best photo-and-essay submission from an MLC student or D/MLC graduate who has served in an international ministry.

Almost 100 entries have been submitted during the last seven years, with the Thalassa Prize awarded to these seven:

2007: Kristina Wessel, Dominican Republic
2008: Rachel Kionka, Malawi
2009: Rachel Meyer, Southeast Asia
2010: Gretchen Schmiege, Southeast Asia
2011: Amber Schlomer, Southeast Asia
2012: Paul Kelm, Czech Republic
2013: Maria Reese, Malawi

Might you be the winner for 2014? For submission guidelines, go to

Deadline: April 30, 2014.