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Students say "thank you" on Tuition Freedom Day

Surveys show that the ever-rising cost of college is one of the top financial concerns of American families. Students who attend Martin Luther College are no different. In 2011, 78% of our graduates incurred an average of $22,176 in student loan indebtedness.

At first glance, that number may seem daunting, considering the prospective earning potential of our graduates. But thanks to individual donors’ gifts and congregational mission offerings, your future called workers graduate with far less debt than they otherwise might.

As the graph shows, students pay approximately 50% of the total cost of their ministry training. The remaining 50% comes from MLC’s synod subsidy (congregational mission offerings, 25%), donor-funded scholarships and grants (15%), and government grants (10%).


In appreciation of these gifts, MLC hosted its inaugural “Tuition Freedom Day.” This is the day on which the average student met all his or her financial obligations for the cost of college. Tuition for the rest of the year is paid for by the synod, donors, and the government. This year that day was December 14. (Due to exams, we celebrated it December 7.)

Please join the MLC family in expressing gratitude to the thousands of Christian brothers and sisters who generously support our ministry. Soli Deo Gloria!

Below is a video of appreciation for all of those who help offset the costs of education for our future ministers.