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Recruitment efforts emphasize four points

MLC’s Director of Admissions Mark Stein is leading the Recruitment Team for our WELS Ministerial Educational schools. MLC’s recruitment plan is emphasizing four major messages and seeking to engage WELS public and parochial high school students.

  1. Encourage students to attend MLC who are not sure of their future in God’s Kingdom.
    This encouragement is for them to continue their general Christian education at MLC in a safe, well-rounded Christian environment while they mature and discover God’s direction for their life.
  2. Present the financial advantages MLC provides to students and parents.
    a. Our synod provides generous financial aid.
    b. MLC graduates rank in the top ten nationally for loan repayments. (US News & World Report)
    c. Loan amounts of our graduating students are appropriate and manageable according to independent US government studies. (About 33% graduated with no debt at all.)
    d. Room and board charges are also in the top ten lowest nationally according to US News & World Report.
  3. Educate students and parents that the placement rate of MLC graduates requesting a call anywhere averages over 91% in the past 5 years.
    This percentage does not include the high transfer rate to pastoral studies at the Seminary in Mequon.
  4. Expose students to blessings of all ministries in God’s Kingdom.
    Pray that they are led by God to the role he has planned for them, either as a lay person or a fulltime called worker. Either path can be started at MLC.