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MLC Launches New Homepage

As you have probably noticed, the MLC website is receiving a makeover! Currently just the homepage and a few smaller areas have been switched over to the new look but more and more areas of the site will be changing in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Currently, if you want to get at information you cannot find here, you can head over to the old site at and everything should be right where it was before. If you are still unable to find what you are looking for, please email me (my name is Bob and I help run this thing) and I will hunt it down for you.

Even though the visual makeover might be the most significant change that you can see, underneath everything has changed as well. Because of this, we are also undergoing a complete reorganization of the website's content as we move it over from the old site. Things might not be EXACTLY where they were before, but we hope that it will be easily found and in a better spot for the future.

I value your feedback and any comments or questions you might have about the new site are greatly appreciated. You can find the "Site Feedback" link a the bottom of any page.

To help you get your "bearings", I'll outline some of the changes to the site:

  • The main navigation is now along the top of the screen. Those links will take you to their respective areas no matter where you are on the site. To get back to the homepage, click the MLC logo on the left of the links.
  • The search box at the top of the screen only searches the new site. If you can't find what you are looking for here, you will want to head over to the old site at and search there. As more content is moved over, you will have to venture over there less and less.
  • The footer (the dark thing at the bottom of the screen) now contains links to resources and tools from the website. A lot of stuff is now only a single click away. Links which used to be in the upper-right of the site are now located in the footer.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll visit again to see what has changed. God's blessings!