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Mandarin to be offered at MLC next year

An Antioch II grant has made Mandarin instruction a reality for next year, 2012-2013. With this pilot project, Mandarin will be taught by a native Mandarin speaker who is recommended by our Asian missionaries and vetted by Dr. Steve Witte of Asia Lutheran Seminary. The individual will teach Mandarin in exchange for free tuition for any undergraduate or graduate courses and free room and board.

As a Christian in our fellowship, the individual will have opportunities to take religion courses, attend chapel, and enjoy the Christian environment of our campus. The first semester course will be Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture, with  Elementary Mandarin I offered in the second semester.  In 2013-2014, Elementary Mandarin II and Intermediate Mandarin I will be taught in addition. Each course is three credits and will meet four times a week in the evening. Each year some of our graduates volunteer to serve their Lord in Southeast Asia. Knowing more about Southeast Asian culture and having a rudimentary facility with Mandarin will aid their outreach efforts.