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Early Childhood Instructors' Conference

On June 27 - 28, nine WELS early childhood leaders from around the United States gathered for a conference at MLC's new Early Childhood Learning Center. The conference attendees serve as on-campus and adjunct continuing education instructors for Martin Luther College. The conference purpose was to coordinate the MLC's new Early Childhood Educator program and align it to MLC philosophy. The Early Childhood Educator program is a series of 11 one- and two-credit courses for existing WELS early childhood teachers.

The goals for the conference included:

  1. Build a sense of common mission through collaboration and camaraderie.
  2. Develop an understanding of the MLC philosophy and practice regarding early childhood education so this program helps promote a unified approach.
  3. Acquaint instructors with the overall curriculum and their role within it.
  4. Discuss and clarify expectations to prepare participants for the CDA credentialing process.

Two representatives of the Council for Professional Recognition were also in attendance to help the faculty incorporate the Child Development Association credential standards to prepare candidates to apply for the CDA credential after they complete all 11 courses. The CDA credential is recognized in all 50 states and many states provide grants to pay for the coursework.

Thrivent Financial provided a generous grant to enable the participants to attend.

Information is posted on the MLC web site about the initiative and more will be added in the coming weeks.