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Eager to be at MLC

As the year ends, MLC bids farewell to its graduates. Many will receive calls and launch their teaching ministries, and others will head to the seminary for further pastoral training. But it also means a new batch of fresh, friendly faces is coming soon. At Luther, 12 seniors are so eager to be at MLC they’ve started their own tradition: “MLC Mondays.” Every Monday, seniors who will attend MLC—and even some who won’t—sport their finest Knights’ apparel.

Lydia Wassermann explains how it began: “After we had gotten shirts from the Focus trip, I wore mine on a Monday, and as a joke I said, ‘MLC Monday!’ It's stuck ever since.” Although they’re a great group of friends all coming to MLC together, they’re also excited to meet new people. “I can't wait to go to MLC next year,” says Jennifer Adickes, “because I get to learn what I'm passionate about, keep connections with old friends, and branch out and meet new ones!”

Pictured below left: Nine future MLC Knights from Luther on “MLC Monday” – Rachel Riediger, Jennifer Adickes, Lydia Wassermann, Emma Schibbelhut, Ashely Urbanek, Tyler Wahl, Luke Dorn, Tim Abts, and Josh Robertson

Pictured below right: FVL seniors Nathan Meitner, Abbie Bosin, and Hailey Johnson are also excited for MLC and were proud to show it before prom!

(This excerpt is from our most recent KnightWatch Weekly. Thank you to student editor Nathanael Jensen for his work this year!)