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Changes on campus for the new school year

Changes on campus for the new school year

Some MLC summer workers.

The summer months on the MLC campus were filled with activity. Scheduled maintenance projects were completed in the dorms, in academic buildings, and throughout the grounds. Important but seldom seen areas such as roofs, boilers, and campus vehicles were inspected, repaired, and renovated as needed. Other projects were more visible.

Students no longer need to avoid the granite seal in the mall sidewalk; now it enjoys a more vertical view in the reception area parking lot.

MLC Seal

Building identification signs now coordinate with new campus directional signs.

New campus signage

New mall banners, funded by the MLC Ladies' Auxiliary, artistically display the means of grace.

New campus banners

Pond gazebos are now wired and lighted to provide electricity for student use and special outdoor events.

Updated gazebos

A stone walking path and seating have been installed in the meditation garden beside the president's office.

Courtyard improvements

The original Lancer mosaic in the Luther Student Center is now unveiled.

DMLC Lancer restored