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The Power of Early Childhood

Pastor Henke and Ms. Huebner share the importance of prayer

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Pastor Mark Henke writes:

Our lead teacher in the 3-year-old room has a wonderful way of dealing with the distraction of fire engines regularly passing our facility because the Grand Chute Fire Department is one of our neighbors. When the sirens blare and the lights flash, the children drop what they’re doing, fold their hands, and pray for the safety of the firefighters and the people they’re going to help.

Imagine 3-year-old Brynn, enjoying a July afternoon on her grandmother’s front porch, chock-full of family and friends attending a cookout. And then . . . the sirens blared and the fire engines and rescue vehicles began streaming by. Brynn singlehandedly demanded everyone’s attention by yelling, “Stop, stop, EVERYONE! We have to stop and pray!” Calmly, she led the group in prayer to her heavenly Father, asking him to keep the fire-fighters and those they were going to help from harm. A lot of adults were both humbled and awed by her example. And to tell you the truth, now, when I pull my car over to let an emergency vehicle pass, I hear Brynn’s voice reminding me to say a little prayer before reentering the flow of traffic.

Teacher Becky Huebner writes:

It never fails that every year I have the same request about three weeks into the school year: “Can you please write down all the prayers you say before snack time and lunch? We are not allowed to start eating until we pray!”

The children have told—and showed—their parents that prayer is an important part of their day at school and should also be an important part of their day at home.