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The Needs of Early Childhood

Ms. Boggs shares the needs of her students

To learn more about Let the Children Come, the capital campaign to build a new Early Childhood Learning Center, please visit the campaign's website. You will find information on the progress of the campaign along with how you can donate as well.

Teacher Jennifer Boggs Mueller writes:

I’d been talking to my kids about how we have nothing to fear, ever, because God our Father is always with us. As a class, we made a list of things that we were afraid of. I confided that I still get afraid of the dark sometimes.

The next day, Davyn—a very shy, quiet boy—walked into the classroom with something hidden behind his back. He came right up to me and said, “Ms. Boggs, because I now know that I have nothing to fear, because God is always with me, I wanted to give something to you.” And he handed me his nightlight from home.

He said, “It seems like you’ll need this more than I will.”

A couple of weeks ago a mother presented me with a restraining order against the father of one my students. In the report, there were details explaining an incident between the mother and the father that 100% blew my mind. It made me cry. It made me sick. It made me angry—angry that one of my students had to live in a house where such an awful thing occurred. The mother moved to a women’s shelter. I was so sad/mad that this had happened, especially because that father would drop this student off every day at school and seemed so nice.

One day I received an e-mail saying that my student goes home from school telling his mom that he wants to be a pastor. He asked to be baptized—and HE WAS this past Sunday (March 2012). God is GREAT! Here is a 5-yr-old boy, living in a nightmare, and all he feels is Jesus’ love surrounding him. I feared that living in a shelter would shake his world up, but he has been a leader and a half every day since the move.