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The Benefits of Early Childhood

God can renew and strengthen Lutheran elementary schools

To learn more about Let the Children Come, the capital campaign to build a new Early Childhood Learning Center, please visit the campaign's website. You will find information on the progress of the campaign along with how you can donate as well.

From the Norfolk Daily News, March 22, 2012:

St. Paul’s Lutheran School must not pay attention to education headlines. At a time when so many schools across the state are cutting staff and programs, this little parochial school is adding both teachers and classroom space. St. Paul’s principal Seth Fitzsimmons said his school has seen a more than 50 percent increase in enrollment over the past five years. So where are all of these new students coming from? Fitzsimmons said many of the new kindergarten students hail from the preschool classes—13 of the 19 kindergartners this school year attended Little Lambs Preschool.

“It’s all God, working through people,” Fitzsimmons said. About 60 percent of the St. Paul’s students are from Wisconsin Synod Lutheran churches, while 10 percent of students don’t have a church home, he said. The remaining 30 percent belong to different denominations.

“It’s kind of neat—this church and school started in Norfolk way back in the 1860s, and we’re the first school in Madison County. We’ve never lost where we came from. Jesus Christ has always been the center of our church and school.”