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Advent Anticipation

A message from MLC President Mark Zarling

MLC President Mark ZarlingThrough the Spirit’s omnipotence, Jesus comes through the Gospel into human hearts, into your hearts and mine. And yes, he will come again in all glory and majesty, with angels once more heralding the arrival. Hence, advent anticipation is anticipation that never disappoints. Why? Because the track record of the Christ of God is impeccable. He came as promised, in human flesh, and accomplished the eternal rescue of sinful humans.

So the believer eagerly anticipates each worship opportunity, for the disciple knows that his perfect Rabbi is coming through the gospel proclaimed in order to teach and comfort and console the soul. The child of God knows that the Christ is coming through the Supper, giving his very body and blood to each individual. Such are the ways the Spirit prepares a soul to look for the return. Prayer and repentance hasten the day, as Peter declared:

You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.

Now, life on the pilgrimage is filled with purposeful anticipation. We can’t wait to see the Savior, who comes to change this lowly body, to transform it to be like him. Now the body will be as the Head. Paul declares,

Our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.

My advent prayers include you in my petitions. May Jesus make us all ambassadors of advent anticipation. By God’s grace we have a life with a powerful purpose. By God’s grace we are instruments of the Spirit every time we reach out with the Gospel in word and deed. We live with a quiet but constant excitement: Jesus is coming! He is coming soon. May the Christ Child empower each of us to help souls look ahead, with comfort and confidence and cheer. Such Spirit-worked anticipation will never disappoint.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.