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2009 PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation from the 2009 transitions meeting outlines some of the major items new teachers will want to explore during the summer before their first year of teaching.

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Transitioning to a New Community and Home

Find practical information about moving to new places and doing new things wherever the Lord may lead you. For more information contact Dr. Carla Melendy in the Education Office at the college.

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Interviewing Tips

Steve Weber, principal of New Ulm Middle School, provides his top 10 dos and don'ts when taking part in an interview. The tips are important and practical for any teacher starting out in a new setting.

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Transitions Seminar PowerPoint

The Commission on Parish Schools is an organization that serves our synod’s inservice teachers and schools. Find information about the team ministry and mentoring programs, teacher inventory forms, and inservice calling procedures. For more information contact Jim Brandt or Jeff Inniger at the Synod Administration Building.

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Youth/Adult Protection Policies

Sample "Policies, Procedures & Guidelines for Ministry Workers" booklet.

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