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Directed Study


A directed study is a course taken outside the normal class period. The course is an existing course with an approved syllabus, but which because of exceptional circumstances a student is unable to take as part of a regularly scheduled class. Such exceptional circumstances would include irresolvable schedule conflicts or graduation requirements when a student is close to graduation. A student in a directed study would typically be an undergraduate, but a graduate may also take such a course.


  1. The student must register at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester or summer session in which he or she wishes to take the directed study. The application requires the approval of the student's advisor, the course instructor, Academic Dean, and the Vice-President for Academics. 
  2. Only students who are in good standing and who have junior status or higher may apply for a directed study. 
  3. A directed study is considered part of the student's normal course load. 
  4. The content and requirements for a directed study are similar to those prescribed for the regular class. 
  5. A directed study carries the same course number as the regular offering and is subject to the same academic policies as regular courses. 
  6. The faculty member and the student meet/correspond at least one hour every week to discuss the student’s work.

Needed Documents