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Exam Schedules

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Exam Issues

If you need a makeup exam, have more than three tests in a day or have other conflicts – here is how you resolve them.

Attendance for examinations is required. The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport is a two-hour drive from campus so students are advised to schedule flights at least four hours after their last examinations. Failure to write an examination may result in a failing grade for the examination and for the course.

If you have three or more exams on the same day, you need to resolve these conflicts by rescheduling the exam with the consent of the instructor. REMEMBER, exams cannot be taken before the time shown on the exam schedule.

If health or family emergencies prevent attendance at an examination, permission from the Vice President for Academics may be sought to have examinations mailed to a proctor in the student’s home area at a cost of $60 for each examination. Due to the need for exams to be returned in a timely manner, examinations are only mailed within the United States.