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Urban Ministry in Miami

Jaime Eternick MLC ’12 (right) student taught these 22 kindergartners at Divine Savior Academy (DSA)-Doral FL, a large urban school outside Miami. Working with teacher Abby Hosbach MLC ’09 (left), Jaime taught children from Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Puerto Rico, France, and Argentina, among other countries. Students from 42 countries are enrolled at DSA.

“DSA is a school equipped to meet the needs of a multicultural environment,” Jaime says. “It was inspiring to see the Word of God spread to little lambs who had different values and customs. In only 10 weeks, they taught me about their cultures and vividly expressed their faiths. These children let their lights shine at school and brought the wonderful message home to their families.”

Jaime and three other MLC seniors student-taught in Doral this spring thanks to a Thrivent Financial grant. As MLC expands urban ministry training, as directed by the strategic plan, DSA is an excellent destination for student teachers. It’s also an excellent destination for our graduates. With a staff of 47 and an enrollment of 476, up from 178 just five years ago, the school’s need for MLC graduates is growing. And MLC graduates are exactly what Principal Ben Troge MLC ’02 wants. “At DSA,” he says, “our parents are a high-end clientele with a consumer mentality. They’re looking for a product: extremely professional, high-quality Christian education. In order to produce that product, we need quality people doing the work, and that quality comes from MLC. The MLC grads assigned to us have been outstanding. I can’t say that enough.”