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The Spirit's Power Through Song

I worked at Prince of Peace in Houston, Texas this summer from June 4th to August 10th. My partner, Amber Flunker, and I were the preschool teachers, day camp counselors, and VBS volunteers. For each week, we planned a theme and corresponding lesson plans and activities for the students. We included art projects, science projects, cooking days, splash days and even had special guests like church members and the ice cream man come to visit us! Our favorite time of each day was when we sang our "Jesus songs." It is amazing how children react to music! The children loved to dance and do motions to the lyrics. They would sing along to each song knowing all of the words! Seeing the Holy Spirit work in their hearts through songs was what kept Miss Amber and I going this summer; it was truly inspiring as we train to become future ministers of God's Word. The days got long and our patience was tried, but knowing the impact we had on the children gave us the motivation to create an environment in which the children could thrive. - Anne Jeffery