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The Effective Word

Pictured from left to right: Cari Waggoner, Bethany Fleischmann, Levi Dunsmoor, Jordan King, Chris Stollfus, Kyle Seim

This past June Cari Waggoner and I went to Trinity in Minoqua, Wisconsin to help coach a soccer camp with five other coaches. We coached over 60 children between the ages of 5 and 14. Well over half of these children were not from member families. The eagerness and exuberance exhibited by these children was astounding! We even got to witness the children spreading God’s Word to their parents. By the end of the week some of the parents were interested in the church and the school! That was just awe inspiring. I become even more motivated to continue spreading the Gospel seeing firsthand when the Word works so powerfully. Cari and I also participated in the big end of the week coaches-verses-kids game where all the children ages 7-14 play against the 7 coaches at once!

Bethany Fleischmann