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Pastor Mike Koepke

We welcome Pastor Michael Koepke to our admissions staff. You’ll see him around campus when you come to visit, and if you attend one of the following high schools, he’ll come to see you: ALA, HVLHS, Illinois LHS, Lakeside LHS, LPS, Manitowoc LHS, Michigan LHS, MLS, West LHS, and WISCO.

So where are you from, Mike? I’ve been wondering myself. I lived in four different cities in Michigan growing up: Lansing, Midland, Petoskey, and Berrien Springs. My grade school years, a crazy concoction of home school and a private Pentecostal school, were spent in Petoskey. Then when we moved to Berrien Springs, I attended Michigan LHS. After I came to MLC, my family moved again to Saginaw. I’m hoping that when I go home for Christmas and knock on the door, it will be they who will open it and not some other family they sold it to on their way to their next city. That could be awkward.

When you were in high school, who encouraged you to come to MLC? My parents were always supportive but never pushy. It was actually my high school teachers and pastors whose encouragements had the greatest influence on me—not to mention a couple visits from MLC’s outstanding admissions department.

What are your best memories of being an MLC student? Just hanging out with all the great friends I met—playing ultimate Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, swimming at Flandrau, and staying up until 3 am playing cards and games and watching movies. The most heartwarming memories would have to be weekend nights spent in a certain Centennial dorm room (within open dorm hours and always with a shoe in the door, of course) trying to get a certain beautiful girl who lived there to fall for me—which somehow, in spite of me, eventually happened! (Emphasis on eventually.)

Tell us about your family. I have one younger brother, Matthew, who is starting college this year. When I found out I was going to be an admissions counselor here, I immediately began hounding him about MLC—jokingly, because he had already enrolled at Saginaw Valley State University. He’s planning on becoming an engineer. My mom was a teacher before I came along; she specialized in reading and taught the deaf for eight years. My dad has worked as an engineer in power plants, some coal, some gas, and some nuclear. After many failed attempts at trying to understand his complex explanations of what he actually did, I decided to go into something less technical. Then I got to my first class at MLC: Greek. So much for that!