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Katie Huebner, Thankful for Her Training

Now that I've had a few weeks of teaching and working with the students here at Immanuel Lutheran College under my belt, I’ve had a chance to reflect on my beginnings and my preparations.

First of all, it's so wonderful to be able to share my faith on a daily basis with these students. Some students told me they weren't Christian before coming to ILC while others told me that they came to ILC solely because it is Christian. How awesome to know that I'm in a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms and introduced to their Savior! I'm so blessed to be a part of that.

Being here at Immanuel Lutheran College makes me extremely thankful for my student teaching experiences at MLC because I've learned that my schedule here is never exactly what one would consider to be a typical routine school day schedule. Every day is different, either with different groups, different students, or different activities. I am called upon to be the substitute English teacher quite often (It happened again today!) with no advance warning. It makes me thankful that my student teaching experiences honed my ability to be flexible and to see the importance of being over-prepared. Those skills make the variety of my job here in Hong Kong operate a little more smoothly every day. Hopefully, I will be able to teach my students to see the importance of such skills as they grow and mature as responsible young people. Just like anywhere else, it takes extra patience on some days, but without those little bumps, what a boring road it would be! I'm glad student teaching helped me learn to appreciate even those bumpy days.