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If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and want to connect to either the MLC Academic WLAN or MLC Student WLAN, then you are in the right place.

Step 1: Register your iOS device on theĀ MLC Guest WLAN wireless network.

This will provide you with only 24 hours of internet connectivity at a time.

Step 2: Download the preconfigured MLC WLAN Setting profile and it will immediately begin the installation.

You will see this resulting screen (or something similar, depending on the device).

Step 3: Touch Install and then again Install Now to begin the installation.

You are giving the device permission to install this profile.

Step 4: Optionally enter your Novell username and LEAVE THE PASSWORD BLANK for the next four screens. Click Next when finished each time.

Adding your password will probably cause issues with your Novell account later.

Step 5: Touch done on the resulting screen, exit out and then go into the Settings app.

You will probably have you get back to the original Settings app screen by touching the Back button in the upper left part of the screen.

Step 6: Go into Settings > Wi-Fi and choose either the MLC Academic WLAN or MLC Student WLAN.

Screens will look different depending on device.

Step 7: Enter your username (if not already populated) and password on the resulting screen.

Remember to use your Novell username and password.

Step 8: On the Certificate screen, touch Accept. You should then be connected.

Verify by making sure a checkmark is next to the network you selected and by using Safari.