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Internet Access

Internet access is provided in each dorm room on campus along with computer access in each computer lab. Below you will find instructions on how to register your computer so that you have access to the internet from your dorm room.

Be warned, there are a myriad of ways to configure a computer and many things that can go wrong that might inhibit you from having internet access right away. If after reading this document and following the instructions you are still having issues, please contact MLC Network Services or stop up and see us so that we can help you.

Quick Version

  1. Hook your computer up to the network jack using your own Ethernet cable (cables are available from the Bookstore).
  2. Open your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).
  3. Follow the registration instructions (you will need your Portal/Novell username and password to register).
  4. Go take a walk to give the system time to register your machine if it doesn't seem to work at first.


  • Make sure you are connecting an Ethernet cable into the proper ports both in the jack in the wall in your room and into your computer. Nothing else will work.
  • If you are sharing a single port with multiple computers, all computers must be registered on the network before you will have internet access if they are sharing the connection using a network switch. If you are behind a router, then no such limitation exists.
  • If you are hooking up a game console or media player that does not have a web browser, please follow our instructions on how to get in touch with us.
  • Registering a wireless router can be problematic. If you are having troubles, make sure you have connected your router to the wall using the WAN port and then try connecting directly to the router via an Ethernet cable and registering again. You need to be able to get to our registration server ( in order to register your router. If the registration page does not show up, open up a new tab and type into the address bar. The best and most successful way is usually by connecting an Ethernet cable both from the router to the wall jack and from your computer to the router. If your router is blocking your access, please send a support request.
  • If anyone at any time had to setup a network on your machine manually, those manual configurations can cause incompatibilities with our network. You need to allow your machine to setup its configuration automatically using DHCP. This includes wireless routers. If you don't know what that means and are still having issues, then you might want to contact Network Services.
  • If you are connecting to the wall via an Ethernet cable, try disabling your wireless card.
  • There are many more ...

Does MLC filter Internet access?

MLC maintains firewalls and a filtering service.

MLC provides Internet access for all students, staff, and faculty with the purpose of enabling and enriching your academic experience. While it is available for personal and recreational purposes, we contract a service that runs on our firewalls that filters out pornographic and gambling sites.

The firewalls also filter by port. Ports that are not needed for common web applications are blocked to prevent attacks on your computers from the outside. This may prevent you from playing some multiuser games and other web applications that use non-standard ports in their setup.

Direct outbound SMTP (port 25 mail) is also blocked from the dormitories to prevent computers that have been infected with viruses from sending emails to propagate the virus. Outbound SMTP email is only allowed through MLC's mailhost which does antivirus checking prior to sending. You can, however, send and receive mail though any web based email system that uses ports 80 or 443.