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Dorm Connections

Each dorm room has at least one network connection, but most (if not all) dorm rooms will have more than one network-enabled device.

Is there a network jack for every device?

  • Concord has a jack for each person at the study desk and a third one on the outside wall.
  • Centennial have some rooms which have a jack per person, but most rooms have a single jack on the end of the study desk.
  • Augustana has a single jack on one end of the study desk.
  • Summit has a single jack somewhere in the room.

What if there are more devices than jacks?

You will need to purchase a switch and extra ethernet cables to connect multiple devices. You may bring your own or purchase one from the Bookstore.

What about my console or media player?

Please view the Consoles and Media Players page for more information.

What if the jacks in our room are not working?

Please contact Network Services so that we can investigate the cause of the issue.