The initial Portal redesign is released

This morning you might notice that Portal looks considerably different. This release is the initial redesign of Portal to better enable usage on mobile devices and while there will continue to be work done over time to better enable mobile usage for those areas where it would be appropriate and useful.

Here are some changes to be aware of:

  • There is now a single navigation area on the top of the pages. Click on each heading to bring up the items underneath that heading. Also, check out Portal on your mobile device to see how the navigation area behaves on your mobile device. Also, visit Home > Site Map to see a listing of all of the areas you have access to on Portal.
  • To log in, you will need to click to the login page. You can find a link in the message near the top and also near the upper-right Login link.
  • We need your feedback. This release is a big step forward for Portal, but we need feedback to help us determine what improvements can continue to be made. This is a long-term and continual project and any feedback you can give on what works, what doesn’t, and what is missing will help us.

We hope you enjoy these changes and we look forward to making more updates in the future!

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  1. Miles Wurster
    Miles Wurster says:

    Bring back the side bar. Also, when clicking on a student in a class roster, can their schedule automatically come up too, rather than having to click again to get to their schedule?

    • Bob Martens
      Bob Martens says:

      Thanks for giving us some feedback. The navigation only on the top is going to be staying, at least partially to help with mobile layouts. Aaron has implemented a Site Map at which will give you an overall look of all of the pages you have access to on Portal.

      As for easy access to student schedules, if you click on the section number in Schedule Browser, you should then be able to click on the student names and be taken directly to their schedule. This behavior has not changed due to the redesign.

      If you have any more feedback or ideas, feel free to stop up and talk with Aaron.


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