Campus Trees - $500

Department: Campus Beautification

Description: MLC is blessed to have a beautiful campus containing over 500 trees representing approximately 50 species. Not only do the trees provide beauty, they add to a healthy environment and serve as a living laboratory for our Botany students. From time to time, we need to replace trees that are diseased, overgrown, or in a location that is being developed. MLC has a “cut one, plant one” policy and we are always eager to add more species diversity. If you wish, you may designate an individual, couple, or occasion which the tree will honor.

Cost: $500 each

Submitted by: Steve Balza – Alumni Director

Additional information:

  1. American Hornbeam (Blue Beech)
  2. American Mountain Ash
  3. Bitternut Hickory
  4. Black Ash
  5. Black Oak
  6. Hackberry
  7. Mountain Maple
  8. Northern Pin Oak
  9. Red Maple
  10. Rock Elm
  11. White Ash
  12. White Oak

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