Department: Athletics


Martin Luther College has a desire to pursue excellence by offering an updated sport performance facility for student-athletes. Currently, Knight athletes train for their sport in a facility named Training Hall, a limited weight room facility located in the basement of the Summit dormitory. With your help, MLC can improve Training Hall by offering a weight room that mirrors present-day standards and recruitment expectations in collegiate sport performance facilities. MLC currently offers 16 NCAA Division III sport programs for students. Nearly 50% of the student population is engaged in these competitive sport opportunities. God be praised! Imagine the positive experience student-athletes will have with new flooring, racks, weights, and dumbbells, along with an aesthetically pleasing design in a sport performance training facility. We are asking for your help in starting the process of updating equipment for MLC’s current and future student-athletes. This updated sport performance facility will have a direct impact on student-athletes and their experience as a Knight during their academic and athletic career on campus as they prepare to be public ministers of the Gospel. You can be a part of their story by supporting this project at Martin Luther College. One rack with weights costs approximately $6,100.

Cost: $6,100

Submitted by: Vice President Scott Schmudlach

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